Eye Tips For A Fun And Safe Summer

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Summer brings with it lots of opportunities for fun, but also poses certain risks for the eyes. The dedicated eye care specialists at Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons offer tips to help keep your eyes and vision safe while enjoying the summer season.

Wear Sunglasses  

When outdoors, wear sunglasses. Not only do you protect your vision, but wearing sunglasses helps prevent wrinkle formation in the delicate eye area since there is little squinting. Sun glare can cause eye pain and contribute to headaches.

Exposure to UV-A and UV-B light has been linked to macular degeneration and other serious eye conditions. Purchase polarized sunglasses, which have anti-glare protection. As for style, choose sunglasses with larger frames that minimize the amount of light coming in from all sides. 

Water Protection

Of course, you already know that wearing your contacts while swimming is not a good idea. Not only are your contacts likely to float off, but even if they stay in place, bacteria can get trapped in your eyes. If infection results, it could potentially cause vision loss.

Wear watertight goggles when swimming to protect your eyes from bacteria. If you are swimming in a pool, your eyes require protection from chlorine. Splash cold water into your eyes as soon as possible after leaving the pool.

Those with serious vision impairment who cannot see well enough to swim without corrective lenses should speak with their eye care professional about obtaining watertight prescription eyewear. 

Wear a Hat

Wearing a hat protects your skin from sun damage, but did you know that it is also recommended to safeguard your eyes? A hat boosts the benefits of wearing sunglasses. Remember to wear sunglasses and hats even on cloudy days, since UV rays are still a threat.

Wash Your Hands

We’ve all gotten into the habit of washing our hands more frequently, and it’s a good habit to keep up. During the summer, when more outdoor activities take place, it is easier to pick up bacteria on the hands. A quick eye rub can spread germs. Regular hand-washing lowers the risk of accidentally introducing bacteria into the eye.

Wear Appropriate Eye Protection

Summer means lawn mowing and weed whacking. Always wear protective eyewear when working around machines. Summer also means baseball, volleyball and other fun activities, but eye injuries happen in sports. Again, protect your eyes with the appropriate eyewear.

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Have fun in the sun but protect your eyes while doing it. If you experience any vision changes, or have not had an eye examination recently, contact the dedicated eye care specialists at Berks Eye to schedule a consultation.

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