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Progressive Lenses – Small Masterpieces

All progressive lenses from ZEISS are equipped with Precision Technology. This technology is based on the following three pillars and guarantees the best and most cutting-edge visual experience for your eyes:

Clear Optics – ZEISS Precision: Clear, Natural Vision

Thanks to a highly complex simulation of the interaction of the eye and lens, we can selectively optimize every individual point where the wearer looks through their glasses. This guarantees optimum vision over the entire surface of the lens.

Dynamic Optics – ZEISS Design Philosophy

Comfortable and good dynamic vision, enabling the wearer to focus quickly at any distance and in any direction. The lenses are optimized for the ideal interaction of both eyes, offering a larger viewing range and improved potential for 3D vision.

Thin Optics – ZEISS Lens Aesthetics

For an optimum balance between precise optics and thin, light lenses.

Do You Wear Progressive Lenses at Work?

People who wear progressive lenses look at their computer screen in an entirely different way. Because progressive lenses have different zones which allow you to see at all distances, working at a screen means you need to look through the bottom section of the lens. To do this, you have to tilt your head backwards slightly. Once again, this unnatural posture can lead to neck and shoulder pain.

How this affects your posture in front of the screen:

You lift your head to see through the intermediate zones of the lens.

This puts strain on your neck and back muscles.

Wearing Reading Glasses for Computer Work

Reading glasses are designed for very close distances which are shorter than the distance between your eyes and a computer. So when you wear reading glasses while working at the computer, you automatically move your head closer to the screen. This causes you to adopt an uncomfortable posture which can lead to tension in your neck and back.

Computer Glasses Help You Feel More Relaxed

These provide clear vision all day long at three different working distances for patients. As a rule, glasses that are closely tailored to the way you work make it more likely that you will sit in front of the screen in a comfortable, relaxed position. ZEISS lenses for the workplace offer a large field of vision at near distances. Crucially, they also offer an ample field of vision at intermediate distances to help you look up and talk to your colleagues while working on a computer. They are optimized for vision at a range of between half a meter and four meters. Wearing computer glasses keeps your posture relaxed because you can look through the right section of the lens without effort.

ZEISS understands the importance of personalized vision. Everyone performs their work and hobbies at different distances and under different conditions, so ZEISS has created three different types of lens. With professional fitting, ZEISS office lenses can be adapted to your precise visual requirements right down to the very last centimeter.

ZEISS Eyeglass Lenses For Work:
Thanks to the lenses’ customized design, wearers can enjoy clear, sharp vision tailored to their needs at all three distances at the workplace:

Reading distance (Book)
Near distance (Desk)
Wall distance (Room)

How this affects your posture in front of the screen:

Your head and neck remain in a natural position.

Perfect comfort – all day long.

Transitions Lenses

Transitions Lens Options in Reading, PADo you struggle from light changes, or are you looking to eliminate the need for sunglasses? These lenses are designed to quickly adapt from clear lenses for indoors, to fully dark for bright outdoor conditions and all ranges in-between depending upon the lighting.

Why Should I Choose Transitions Lenses

  • Completely clear in the indoors and at night
  • Blocks 100% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Suitable for most ages
  • Fast fade back speed
  • Can work with almost all prescriptions and frames
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