Are You a Good Candidate for Contact Lenses?

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If you wear eyeglasses, at some point in time you have probably stopped to ask yourself, “Should I try contact lenses?” Here at Berks Eye, patients often request a professional opinion on contact lenses. We are happy to have this discussion with them and inform them of their options for vision correction.

In this blog, we discuss some of the most important factors to take into account if you are considering contact lenses.  


Why You Shouldn’t Sleep in Your Contact Lenses

Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons, Ltd.

Bad is it to Sleep in Contacts?Contact lenses are safe medical devices used by over 45 million Americans. But problems can occur, and when they do, they are often caused by poor contact lens hygiene (e.g., not properly cleaning them or swimming or bathing while wearing them).

A crucial part of contact lens hygiene is taking the lenses out before going to sleep. Read on as the team at Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons explains why sleeping in contact lenses is a very bad idea. (more…)

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