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Domenic C. Izzo, Jr., MD

Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons, Ltd.
Reading PA Ophthalmologist - Dr Izzo

Dr. Izzo is a board-certified ophthalmologist specializing in vision correction refractive surgery, including advanced LASIK, as well as cataract and intraocular lens implant (IOL) surgery. As a member of the acclaimed Berks Eye Physician team, Dr. Izzo uses the highest quality LASIK surgical techniques and technologies to help patients eliminate their dependence on glasses and contact lenses. Dr. Izzo is also a leading cataract surgeon, having performed over 20,000 cataract and intraocular lens implant procedures, and was one of the first ophthalmologists in Berks County to perform small incision, no-stitch cataract surgery. He has expertise in presbyopia-correcting lens implants (ReSTOR® multifocal lenses and the accommodating lens, Crystalens®) designed to eliminate the need for reading glasses and bifocals, as well as Toric IOLs, which eliminate astigmatism.

Berks County People's Choice 2021 award

Dr. Izzo completed a Bachelor of Science degree with magna cum laude honors at Muhlenberg College and a medical degree at Hahnemann University. He served an internship at The Reading Hospital & Medical Center, and an ophthalmology residency at Hahnemann University Hospital. Dr. Izzo is a member of a number of prestigious medical organizations including the American Medical Association, the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the Pennsylvania Medical Society, the Pennsylvania Academy of Ophthalmology and the Berks County Medical Society. In addition, he is a Fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. He serves as Medical Director for the Berkshire Eye Surgery Center, Berks County’s only ambulatory surgical center dedicated exclusively to eye procedures. Dr. Izzo has been in practice since 1986.

Dr. Izzo resides in Wyomissing with his wife and three sons.

Domenic C. Izzo, M.D. - Cataract Testimonials

“My cataract/lens implant surgery with Dr. Izzo was very quick, no pain, nothing scary – the next day I was able to see better than I have in years. Now I can see almost anything without my strong reading glasses! The surgery was very easy, they have done it thousands of times. I always said nothing you get is ever as good as what you were born with, but with this procedure I think I may have shot my theory!” – June M.

A wonderful doctor corrected my vision through [implantable] lenses after removing my cataracts. He is one of the best in the world, I would recommend him 110 percent. I am more than satisfied and no longer look for my glasses because my vision is perfect! Thank you Dr. Izzo and staff.” – John H.

“My cataracts were removed and a multi-focus lens was placed in each eye. Before my cataract surgery I had to switch back and forth between glasses and contacts. Dr. Izzo told me I was a good candidate for this surgery. There was a little apprehension when I first went in for the first eye to be done, but I have suffered no pain, I had no discomfort, after both eyes were done, my vision is perfect, what it used to be when I was younger. Glad I had it done I would recommend Dr. Izzo. The best part of it is no more glasses or reading glasses – things are back to normal and I would do it again.” – George J.

Five years ago a miracle happened to my sight. I had cataract surgery done by Dr. Domenic Izzo, Jr., a great surgeon and a caring doctor. He used ReSTOR® implantable lenses for me. I wore glasses for 53 years of my life. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful these lenses are and how much I love seeing and reading without glasses. Thank you very much, Dr. Izzo! – Nancy L.

Dr. Izzo is very thorough at every visit. He explains everything in detail. He is pleasant, professional, and efficient, yet I never felt my visits were hurried. All surgery and follow-up appointments were handled efficiently. Thanks to Dr. Izzo’s skill, I now have perfect vision and only need glasses sometimes for reading. – Patricia C.

Dr. Izzo is so wonderful, my vision after cataract surgery is excellent. I got the Symfony lens and I don’t need glasses for almost anything. I felt so calm and confident in the procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Izzo. He is a highly skilled physician and I can’t give him enough praise. Surgery is scary and he took the time and explained everything. – Kathleen L.

My vision is better than I expected. After 35 years of glasses, I now only need “cheaters” thanks to Dr. Izzo. – Patrick D.

Thank you Dr. Izzo for my successful cataract surgeries. Goodbye contacts and reading glasses! I was very impressed by the thoroughness, professionalism, and courtesy of the staff in both the surgery center and the main office. The entire process was pleasant from beginning to end. If you are looking for excellent eye care, I highly recommend Dr. Izzo and the team and Berks Eye! - Nancy H.

Living life not being able to see was very hard. I am so grateful and blessed to have such a great doctor to help me see and enjoy life again. I would highly recommend Dr. Izzo to all my friends and family. - Sheila S.

I recently had cataract surgery with Dr. Izzo and I chose the Multifocal Symfony lens implant. It was the best choice I ever made. The operation was painless and I now have clear vision at near and far without glasses! – Gerald H.

I have had cataract surgery and the LipiFlow procedure for dry eyes. Now, several weeks later, my vision is better than ever! - David L.

My cataract surgery went very smoothly and made quite an improvement in my visual acuity. I had no problems and no pain. The process was well explained in advance and I would definitely recommend the procedure to friends. – Robert Y.

Dr. Izzo thoroughly explained my cataract surgery, and patiently listened and answered my questions. The surgery was completely painless. I now can finally read the small print going across my television! - Linda B.

Dr. Izzo tritely cares about each of his patients. He took the time to explain my cataract surgery. I chose to have the Toric lens implant and am delighted with the results. My vision is now 20/20 and I can see things clearly once again! - Margaret P.

I have been a patient at this practice for about 34 years and will not go anywhere else. Doctor Izzo is very thorough and knowledgeable. — Larry J.

The professionalism at Berks Eye is fabulous; excellent exams are given in a friendly atmosphere. Dr. Izzo has been my opthamologist for many years and he was my cataract surgeon last year. I trust him completely and the surgery results have been phenomenal. I recommend Berks Eye to others frequently. — Suzanne Y.

Berks Eye and Doctor Izzo are simply the Best! I went yesterday for my annual checkup after having lens implanted last year. Cataracts are gone. Vision is 20/20 both eyes. I have not seen this good since my teens. A real Blessing to not need to have glasses at all. I can see great, close and far. — David E.

Dr Izzo spent time educating and explaining to me in detail what Cataract surgery involves. He is professional and courteous and he made me feel reassured regarding my scheduled surgery. — Margaret F.

My first experience at Berks Eye was in July 2020. I felt very safe with the office procedures and arrangements to keep all patients safe from Covid 19. I met very friendly personnel each step of the visit from front desk, to technicians to Dr. Izzo! Berks Eye was not the first office I visited this year in pursuit of cataract surgery. My first experience was at a very big, well known eye center in the Reading area. My experience at this "big" eye center was not as friendly, cordial or patient centered like Berks Eye. I had a very positive experience having cataract surgery. I have recommended Berks Eye to several friends. Thank you Berks Eye for your professionalism, expertise, friendliness and caring approach to patient centered care. You deserve to be #1 in eye care in Berks County. — Gloria H.

My entire eye care experience was A+ excellent. Dr. Izzo explained the procedures and what my expectations should be every step of the way. Never once did I feel uncomfortable with the care he provided. To say the least, Dr. Izzo possesses extraordinary skills as a surgeon and wonderful people skills. The entire staff goes out of their way to make patients like myself feel comfortable and they are all skilled at what they do. My thanks to all the people who did what was necessary to make my eye care surgery successful. - Michael B.

Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons are one of the medical practices possess the rare staff members who all truly care about their patients and their needs. From the first phone call I made to in inquire if they accepted my health insurance to the minute, I walked in their door I knew I made the right choice for my vision needs. I found my forever Eye Physicians and Surgeons. The staff at both the office and surgery center are excellent caring individuals who always provide professional high-quality care for all their patients. I highly recommend Dr. Domenic C. Izzo, JR, who removed my cataracts in two separate surgeries and restored my vison to 25/25 and improved my color perception. Dr. Izzo is an excellent dedicated Eye Surgeon who truly cares about his patients and their vision needs. This is the only staff I will trust my eye care too!

Thank you Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons, the staff and thank you Dr. Izzo! – Donna C.

Dr Izzo’s expertise made my cataract surgery simple and painless. He and his staff are both professional and helpful. I was fully prepared and informed about the process and recovery. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Izzo to anyone. – Michele R.

Berks Eye and Doctor Izzo are simply the Best! I went yesterday for my annual checkup after having lens implanted last year. Cataracts are gone. Vision is 20/20 both eyes. I have not seen this good since my teens. A real Blessing to not need to have glasses at all. I can see great, close and far. - David E.

Came in with vision issue cataract and they were awesome I can see Dr. Izzo was awesome. – Gerry C.

Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons is an example of what a medical practice should be. From check-in at the door to check-out, every single person is professional, friendly, and helpful. During the COVID pandemic, they did everything right; compliance is 100%. I could tell that much thought went into their procedures. I saw Dr. Izzo for dry eye syndrome and then eventually cataract surgery. He was easy to relate to and answered all my questions. The instructions were complete and tailored to my conditions. Post-operative follow-up and coordination is just as complete. I had an excellent result and my vision is the best it's been in 20 years! – Patricia C.

Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons are one of the medical practices possess the rare staff members who all truly care about their patients and their needs. From the first phone call I made to in inquire if they accepted my health insurance to the minute, I walked in their door I knew I made the right choice for my vision needs. I found my forever Eye Physicians and Surgeons. The staff at both the office and surgery center are excellent caring individuals who always provide professional high-quality care for all their patients. I highly recommend Dr. Domenic C. Izzo, JR, who removed my cataracts in two separate surgeries and restored my vision to 25/25 and improved my color perception. Dr.Izzo is an excellent dedicated Eye Surgeon who truly cares about his patients and their vision needs. This is the only staff I will trust my eye care too! Thank you Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons, the staff and thank you Dr. Izzo! – DMC

I saw Dr. Izzo with the request that he help improve my vision, thinking that Lasik surgery was what I needed. I was wearing bifocal lens glasses and my vision was slowly worsening. After his exam he explained that I had cataracts and that lens replacement surgery would be my best option now and for the future. I am a dentist and getting the best possible result was critically important to me as my livelihood depends on excellent vision. Prior to the procedure I had an exhaustive list of questions and concerns. Dr. Izzo was awesome as he patiently answered all my questions to relieve my anxiety. He recommended multifocal replacement lens for me , explaining that , although they are not right for every patient, that I was a good candidate. The advantage is that they enable improved distance AND close up vision. The procedure was easier than I could have ever imagined. My eyes were done one week apart. He and his staff are most professional and friendly. The best part is that now, except for my loupes for close-up dental work, I don't wear any glasses. I can read the fine print, I can see the dashboard to drive and I can see distances. Truly there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about what a significant, life changing event this was, and I am grateful to Dr Izzo for both his patience and skill in providing this treatment for me. I have and will continue to refer my friends to Dr Izzo for their vision needs. – Robert D.

Excellent staff and I highly recommend Dr. Izzo. I had eye surgery Tuesday 7/21 and a post op visit today, my vision has already improved. I will be having a second eye surgery next Tuesday 7/28 and will not be needing glasses except maybe just for fine print reading. The staff and doctors are excellent and most of all they really care about the patients, this is the only staff I will trust my eye care too!

Thank you Dr. Izzo! – Donna C.

Dr. Izzo has been my primary eye physician ever since I needed glasses. During that time I cannot complain about any of the care I have received. I have had all my questions answered in a manner that anyone would understand. Recently had cataract surgery with great results. No longer need glasses. Would recommend Dr. Izzo and his group to anyone. – Jerry H.

About two years ago my optometrist told me I had cataracts. This came as a bit of a surprise since I had not noticed any decrease in vision. He recommended Berks Eye and, specifically, Dr. Izzo, to verify his diagnosis and to perform any surgery that was necessary. I scheduled my appointment and received the most comprehensive eye exam I have ever had. Once completed, Dr. Izzo recommended surgery and suggested toric lens implants. The appointments were made and the surgeries turned out to be quick, easy and painless. Now it is about two years later and I have 20/20 vision. I have not had 20/20 vision since I was 11 years old. I am now 66. I highly recommend Dr. Izzo and the others at Berks Eye. – Randall C.

I was referred to Dr. Izzo for cataract surgery by my optometrist. I was a little apprehensive and nervous during my first visit but found Dr. Izzo and his staff to be understanding and both willing and able to answer all my questions and to address my concerns. The cataract surgery procedure and the options I could choose from were explained very clearly so I felt comfortable making decisions that I felt would work best for me. Both my surgeries were successful and I am very happy with the results. Dr. Izzo and his staff were also great with follow-up calls after my surgeries including 3 calls from Dr. Izzo himself....one of which was on a Sunday afternoon. I found the care to be exceptional and my vision is definitely greatly improved. I definitely recommend Dr. Izzo. – Lucille F.

I am stunned with the positive results from my eye surgery which was performed by Dr. Izzo. He was a complete professional during the entire process and I will absolutely return if any eye problems occur in the future. – Phillip C.

Had recent cataract and glaucoma surgery done by Dr. Izzo. Always I was given choice of what eye meds to choose from the most expensive to the cheaper generic. Also, was given choice of what testing was to be done, especially those not covered by insurance. I am very happy with all results and would recommend this Dr. and the whole office staff to my family and friends. – Tom B.

Dr. Izzo is a very knowledgeable, professional & caring eye doctor complete with a charming personality. My experience with Dr. Izzo and his staff, at both his office & surgical center, made my eye surgery & laser an exceptional eye care experience. Everyone was punctual, friendly, caring & explained each procedure fully. I would recommend Dr. Izzo to all of my family, friends & anyone looking for the best in eye care! – Angie K.

Domenic C. Izzo, M.D. – LASIK Testimonials

I recently had LASIK done by Dr. Izzo who before the consultation I have never even met (recommended by my mother). I instantly trusted his staff because they explained the procedure perfectly and reminded me how it is "completely normal" to be nervous. Long story short I had my procedure done last Wednesday. It hasn't even been one week and I am SO THANKFUL I had the courage to do it, but also so proud that I went with Dr. Izzo. The biggest push was wanting to be able to run around with my three year old son and not having to worry about glasses. I can actually wake up in the morning and see him when he yells "MOMMY" I promise you this is the best decision you will make. Don't even think twice about it! If I can do it, so can you! – Alyssa A.

I have been under Dr Izzo’s care for nearly two years. Recently, I inquired about the possibility that I was a candidate for LASIK surgery.  I have to admit that I had always been of the impression that everyone was a candidate as long as they were willing to write the big check. That opinion was quickly changed by Berks Eye after a three hour consultation that included measurements, screenings, tests, etc. The staff was courteous, professional, and well versed on every aspect of this popular procedure. They convinced me that they were going to look at every aspect of my visual health before giving the thumbs up to proceed with surgery.  After all of the results were in, I had the opportunity to discuss my case with Dr Izzo. He patiently answered every question and even waited silently to give me an opportunity to think of more. He took the time to discuss the outcomes and whether or not I was willing to accept those circumstances. (I still require vision correction for close up reading) He described everything I would see, feel, hear and experience during the procedure and after. Now that I am post surgery, I can honestly say that there was not a single aspect he did not prepare me for. I found that extremely comforting.  While it is very true that the procedure is quick and painless ... the thought of what the lasers were actually doing to me was a bit intimidating. Without having the discussion beforehand, I can easily see why some people do not handle it so well. When I got out of bed the very next morning, I got the experience I had been looking for .... I could look out the window and actually see my surroundings without having to reach for my glasses. My follow up appointment that same morning validated my feelings. I was measured to have 20 / 15 vision.  I cannot possibly thank Dr Izzo and his staff enough for what they have given me. Yes, the procedure is expensive, but I can honestly say it was the best money I ever spent. Don’t be fooled by low cost LASIK! When it comes to your eyes, cheap is not the motivating factor. I highly recommend Dr. Izzo and the team at Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons. – Mark S.

Dr. Izzo performed LASIK surgery on me in June of 2013. The results are fantastic. Dr. Izzo is professional and caring and his staff is very attentive. I would highly recommend Dr. Izzo. – Jeff W.

Dr Izzo did great with my LASIK surgery, I went from barely seeing to better than 20:20, along with clearing up my Dry eyes with state of the art technology. Always above the curve, Excellent job by the Dr. and the staff!!!! – Brian D.

I got LASIK done here. I looked at a couple places and I'm glad I decided to go here. Dr. Izzo is great! Granted you aren't going to leave feeling you have a new best friend, but if you want someone that knows what he is doing and has a team behind him that is just as good, this is the place! He is a perfectionist! It isn't the cheapest I've found, but if someone is going to laser your eyes...I think there are better places to save money! I had bad vision, like -5.5 and -6. Slight astigmatism in both eyes. 3 months later I'm 20/25 in both eyes and getting better every appointment! Took longer than expected but my prescription was pretty bad. Very Happy with the results and Dr. Izzo. – Jason W.

I  received LASIK surgery from Dr. Izzo and it worked out great, I cannot believe that I waited this long to get LASIK!!!  Thankfully, before the surgery Dr. Izzo recommended new dry eye treatments to help my chronic dryness & irritation and to allow the LASIK to me more precise. I appreciate the attention to detail especially when it concerns sight!  Very Satisfied!!!  Update:  I recently had my vision rechecked and now I have 20:15 vision better than 20:20 before I could barely see.  I strongly recommend Dr. Izzo and the entire Berks Eye staff. – Brian D.

Everyone was wonderful.  I had Dr. Izzo and he was fantastic.  After LASIK surgery, the doctor himself calls to check on you.  If you have any concerns, they bring you back immediately. – Pat H.

Dr. Izzo made sure that my eyes were good to get LASIK.  I had dry eye so I went through treatment for that and could tell a difference.  When that was treated I then got Lasik done and now have 20/15 vision.  I know of another that had the same dry eye and had LASIK done with another Dr. else ware and now has problems due to that. The whole staff is friendly and helpful.  I am very happy with Dr. Izzo and my results. – Kalen B.

Dr. Izzo is a consummate professional. He performed LASIK surgery on me in 2013 and the results are fantastic!  He and his staff are courteous and make every effort to keep the patient informed. Thanks again for doing a great job for me Dr. Izzo! – Jeff W.

LASIK was a transformative experience for me. I was hesitant at first and worried that I wouldn't qualify with severe astigmatism and different vision in each eye. I now have 20/20 vision! My entire lifestyle was affected dramatically whether at work, outdoors hiking or in day to day tasks. I could recommend it enough.  – A. Wakefield

Getting LASIK was one of the best decision I have ever made. It is so great waking up and being able to see clear! Dr. Izzo and the entire staff have been so incredible from the appointment before my surgery and all the way through the post op visit. They explained every step for me, answered all of my questions and made me feel so comfortable. I can't thank them enough.  – C. Storch

Domenic C. Izzo, M.D. – Testimonials

The technicians were great preparing for me to see Dr. Izzo. Afterwards, Dr. Izzo came into the examining room and superbly examined my eyes and discussed my eye pressures as well as the condition of my eyes. I was extremely pleased with the entire process.
– Anthony C.

I thoroughly trust Dr. Izzo and his staff! I've had successful cataract surgery performed by Dr. Izzo about 7 years ago, as well as other very minor procedures over the past few years, and I would highly recommend him to my friends. Dr. Izzo and his staff are all very professional and I feel I've gotten the best care at Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons.
– Jill M.

Berks Eye Specialist, I highly recommend Berks Eye Specialist very Professional, Knowledgeable, and a Respectful Business. I have seen Dr. Izzo now for 6 yrs. I'm very Particular about Dr's I highly recommend Dr. Izzo. Staff is excellent.
– Vivian K.

Very knowledgeable staff. Dr. Izzo was wonderful.
– Carol P.

I always receive great care when I visit BEP&S for my yearly eye check up I receive great quality care from the time I walk in the door. The staff and technicians are courteous and professional and provide quality care and service during my check ups. Dr. Izzo as always is one of best in his field and provides me with the best quality care for my eyes and preserving my eye sight.

– Donna C.

Prompt and professional care and caring. I was in and out with little delay. My examination was thorough and I was given many opportunities to ask questions. Although it was a very busy day, I did not feel that anyone was rushed in treating me. My family and I have been patients of Dr. Izzo since he began his practice and we have benefited from his expertise and received excellent care.
– Dale G.

Dr. Izzo & Staff are both competent & welcoming. Dr. Dominic always explains his procedures & patiently answers my questions.
– Thomas T.

Berks Eye and Dr Izzo are thorough and very professional. I would recommend Berks Eye to all my friends and give them a 10 star rating. They accommodate you when you need them the most, they go out of their way to service their patients. All I can say is that they are very professional and a fantastic group.
– Michael W.

Friendly atmosphere, and Dr Izzo is the best.
– Sheila G.

I love coming to Berks eye. The people there are very nice and I do not wait forever to be seen. Everyone I see is respectful and professional. Dr Izzo is the best. I trust him completely with my eye care.
– Patricia K.

I enjoy your office sends a office precheck in, calls the day before our appointment, for a reminder of appointment time. Your office is clean, and optician's are excellent with there fitting of the frames and helping with guidance what pair of frames will help you the most. The techs assisting the physicians are doing a fine job, and I enjoy and like Dr. Izzo very much and trust in his judgment of my eyes and hope to have his good care for many years.
– Rose J.

Dr. Izzo is a great eye physician. He listens and takes the time to answer any questions. The staff are wonderful. They are taking every precaution to keep you safe during this virus pandemic. They take your temp as you enter, give you a squirt of hand sanitizer, allow a limited number in, has a box to dispose of the pen you use, chairs are six feet apart. Staff are very pleasant and helpful if needed. I recommend this office to everyone. – Patricia K.

Dr izzo and Dr Bronner are the best I give them an 11 out of 10 rating. Their patients alway comes first!!! -  Michael W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Izzo’s for almost 30 years.  I highly recommend his entire team of professionals for any/all eye care as their attention to patient detail is excellent! In addition to Dr. Izzo; I also see Dr. Bronner, who is my retina specialist. – Donna B.

I felt extremely confident with the testing done, and Dr. Izzo explained all my treatment options, answered all my questions.  The things that he has suggested have all had a positive impact on my dry eye.  I look forward to my Lipiflow treatment today! – Joy B.

I have been a patient at this practice for about 34 years and will not go anywhere else. Doctor Izzo is very thorough and knowledgeable. - Larry J.

I am a senior and have been a patient at Berk's Eye for several years. Although I do not live in Berks County, it is worth the drive for my eye-care needs. The staff is friendly and competent, wait time is usually minimal, and Dr. Domenic Izzo is pleasant and professional; he takes time to answer any questions. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the staff followed all the CDC guidelines for safety; I felt comfortable being there. -  Jessica S.

I went for a LASIK consultation, & was very impressed by the amount of tests & time that Dr Izzo spent explaining everything. From the time I walked into the reception area until I left everyone was very friendly & professional. - Denise L.

I have been a patient for years at Berks Eye. The staff and Doctors are very courteous and kind. Doctor Izzo does a thorough eye exam and explains what is going on with my eyes. I would recommend Berks Eye to my family and friends. – Sandy K.

This was a very good experience. The appointment ran well, no time was wasted. Dr. Izzo was kind and pleasant. The staff was very helpful and patient. This is a Five Star review. - June S.

Dr. Izzo and staff have always provided me with the best of care. - Dale G.

Staff is very efficient and helpful. Dr. Izzo is a very excellent doctor. - Ernest M.

From the time you check in until you leave, the staff is so friendly and competent, and I have total confidence in Dr. Izzo. -  Jill M.

My appointment was taken on time. My eyes were tested by a very friendly assistant. My eye drops were put in and Dr. Izzo examined them and gave me a good report! I'll be back in one year. That's great news for an 80 year old! - Fay H.

Have had an excellent relationship with Dr. Izzo for almost 20 years and he has always done an outstanding job providing care and guidance with my eye health. He found my macular degeneration early and set me up with Dr. Bronner who has been successful with treatment that has prevented the problem from advancing for over a year. He has saved my vision and I could not ask for a more compassionate and encouraging healthcare professional. - William L.

Since starting my relationship with Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons over two years ago, my experiences have been extremely positive overall. The staff is courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. Dr. Izzo has my complete confidence and I am very fortunate to be under his care. - Mark S.

I am very, very pleased with Dr. Izzo and his staff. Everyone is friendly but professional and caring about my needs. Will highly recommend to friends. - Irene D.

Dr. Izzo is very nice and very good at what he does.  Sandra K.

The environment is extremely laid-back, comfortable and relaxing. The staff is also very pleasant, courteous and helpful. Dr. Izzo is very pleasant, patient-friendly, helpful and comprehensive. - Carlton S.

I've never seen such efficiency and cooperation. The staff is trained very well and very knowledgeable. I was made comfortable in any room I visited and Dr. Izzo is terrific. I thought he was very thorough and made my fears go away. Yeah! - Carol S.

Across the board I was very impressed with the whole staff to include Dr. Izzo. Described in a relaxing way every procedure. - Peter H.

Being a Caregiver I get to many Dr. Offices....Many Dr's today do not take time to explain things to patients....I was impressed with all the people I met ....and of course Dr. Izzo. - Linda B.

I have been a patient of Berks Eye for close to 20 years and feel Dr. Izzo has always treated me with the best care and professionalism. - William L.

My Physician was Dr. Izzo who was extremely knowledgeable & professional as well as were all of the nurse aides. All of my procedures were handled very quickly and professionally. Everything was explained in detail and in a manner in which I understood the information. Office environment was very clean, inviting and my wait time was very short. - Anthony D.

Dr. Izzo is very efficient and caring and his advice is helpful. - Ernest M.

Great staff, very courteous and helpful. Dr. Izzo is so knowledgeable and has a great bedside manner! - Cindy M.

Dr. Izzo is a very caring physician. Makes me feel well taken care of. - Joan R.

I have already recommended Dr. Izzo and Berks Eye to several friends. All of them have been very pleased with Berks Eye as well. -  Kathleen P.

Amazing staff! Everyone was smiling and my visit was very pleasant. Dr. Izzo addressed all my concerns in one visit and reassured me that he could help me. -  Carole H.

Excellent service. Staff very friendly and helpful. No wait to see Dr. Izzo. My eye problems were addressed very well. Great explanations and directions. -  Edward H.

You could not ask for a nicer staff of people at Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons! Every person there -- from check-in, to the technicians, the doctor (specifically Dr. Izzo), and when you check-out - could not be nicer. The entire staff is excellent and I have the utmost confidence in them! - Jill M.

Professional, friendly, thorough, and great communicators. The whole staff I dealt with were wonderful, as was Dr. Izzo! - Joy B.

Dr. Izzo & the staff are the greatest. I wouldn't go anywhere else! - Darlene R.

Been going to Izzo for years and he has satisfied all my vision problems. - George H.

Dr Izzo. Great doctor. I recommend him highly. –Regina F.

I was there for a second opinion and Dr. Izzo was very thorough and answered my questions. - Carol S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Izzo for more than 29 years and my eyes are great for 85. I plan to continue being his patient. - Miriam B.

I have extreme confidence in all the people who attend me at your office, especially Dr. Izzo. - Ernest M.

I was very happy with Dr. Izzo doing my procedure. I would recommend him to any of my friends and family for any work to be done. - Irene B.

My experience with Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeon's was wonderful, very professional. Dr. Izzo very professional and great Dr.  I would recommend him highly!  Dr. Horst OD Highly recommend. Wish I knew about them 12 yrs ago !!!  - Vivian K.

Happy to have made the choice of Dr. Izzo. He and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable while still having the ability to make you feel comfortable with a sense of humor. Had gone to another well known clinic years before never to go back. I am so happy I found Berks Eye. - Penny D.

I came to the office without an appointment because I was having flashing in my left eye. I was so thankful that Dr. Izzo took the time to fit me in and check out the situation. There are not many doctors left who would be willing to see a concerned patient without an appointment. Thank you! - Elizabeth M.

I was seen by Dr. Dominic Izzo, I would place him in the Philadelphia magazine for one of the best eye physicians in the area for eye care. - Rose Ann D.

Dr. Izzo and his staff were courteous, respectful and knowledgeable. They answered all my questions and were very supportive.- Karen M.

EVERYONE was so helpful and nice!!! Each process of my exam was explained to me so that I had a good understanding and what a great comfort that was!!! Dr. Izzo is the BEST !!!- Robert L.

We have always received superior care during yearly visits, emergency visits, and surgery during many decades of being patients of Dr. Izzo.- Dale G.

Doctor Izzo & Staff are tops! I recently referred my wife, Lisa, to Dr. Dominic and she concurs re excellence of her experience.- Thomas T.

Dr. Izzo and Staff are very efficient and friendly.- Francine C.

Dr. Izzo is an excellent Physician, I have been with him for years and he has always made the best decisions for my eye care.- JoAnn B.

The staff and Dr. Izzo are great. None better.- Irene D.

Dr. Izzo recently saw my mother and assisted in putting together a plan to improve her eyes/vision. I was impressed by the experience and decided to see Dr. Izzo as well. A well-organized business!- Lori A.

From the time you check-in to the time you check-out, Dr. Izzo and his staff are always so nice, professional and efficient. I trust Dr. Izzo with all of my eye-care needs, and he truly cares for his patients.- Jill M.

Dr. Izzo is an excellent physician and a very caring person.- Ernest M.

Staff was courteous, knowledgeable, Dr. Izzo explained everything in detail.- Thomas T.

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