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What Our Cataract Patients Say

Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons, Ltd.
Domenic C. Izzo, M.D. - Cataract Testimonials

"My expectations were met fully by every member of the Berks Eye team. My doctor, Dr Izzo, is one of the best doctors from whom I ever received treatment of surgery. All aspects of my eyecare needs were explored and met. Thank you." — Barry H.

"I trust and appreciate all that is done for me by Berks Eye Physicians. I really am grateful to Dr. Calder. I have recommended him to my Sister-in-Law and she had her cataracts taken care of by him. Thank you." — Jacqueline R.

“My cataract/lens implant surgery with Dr. Izzo was very quick, no pain, nothing scary – the next day I was able to see better than I have in years. Now I can see almost anything without my strong reading glasses! The surgery was very easy, they have done it thousands of times. I always said nothing you get is ever as good as what you were born with, but with this procedure I think I may have shot my theory!” – June M.

A wonderful doctor corrected my vision through [implantable] lenses after removing my cataracts. He is one of the best in the world, I would recommend him 110 percent. I am more than satisfied and no longer look for my glasses because my vision is perfect! Thank you Dr. Izzo and staff.” – John H.

“My cataracts were removed and a multi-focus lens was placed in each eye. Before my cataract surgery I had to switch back and forth between glasses and contacts. Dr. Izzo told me I was a good candidate for this surgery. There was a little apprehension when I first went in for the first eye to be done, but I have suffered no pain, I had no discomfort, after both eyes were done, my vision is perfect, what it used to be when I was younger. Glad I had it done I would recommend Dr. Izzo. The best part of it is no more glasses or reading glasses – things are back to normal and I would do it again.” – George J.

Five years ago a miracle happened to my sight. I had cataract surgery done by Dr. Domenic Izzo, Jr., a great surgeon and a caring doctor. He used ReSTOR® implantable lenses for me. I wore glasses for 53 years of my life. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful these lenses are and how much I love seeing and reading without glasses. Thank you very much, Dr. Izzo! – Nancy L.

Dr. Izzo is very thorough at every visit. He explains everything in detail. He is pleasant, professional, and efficient, yet I never felt my visits were hurried. All surgery and follow-up appointments were handled efficiently. Thanks to Dr. Izzo’s skill, I now have perfect vision and only need glasses sometimes for reading. – Patricia C.

Dr. Izzo is so wonderful, my vision after cataract surgery is excellent. I got the Symfony lens and I don’t need glasses for almost anything. I felt so calm and confident in the procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Izzo. He is a highly skilled physician and I can’t give him enough praise. Surgery is scary and he took the time and explained everything. – Kathleen L.

My vision is better than I expected. After 35 years of glasses, I now only need “cheaters” thanks to Dr. Izzo. – Patrick D.

Thank you Dr. Izzo for my successful cataract surgeries. Goodbye contacts and reading glasses! I was very impressed by the thoroughness, professionalism, and courtesy of the staff in both the surgery center and the main office. The entire process was pleasant from beginning to end. If you are looking for excellent eye care, I highly recommend Dr. Izzo and the team and Berks Eye! - Nancy H.

Living life not being able to see was very hard. I am so grateful and blessed to have such a great doctor to help me see and enjoy life again. I would highly recommend Dr. Izzo to all my friends and family. - Sheila S.

I recently had cataract surgery with Dr. Izzo and I chose the Multifocal Symfony lens implant. It was the best choice I ever made. The operation was painless and I now have clear vision at near and far without glasses! – Gerald H.

I have had cataract surgery and the LipiFlow procedure for dry eyes. Now, several weeks later, my vision is better than ever! - David L.

My cataract surgery went very smoothly and made quite an improvement in my visual acuity. I had no problems and no pain. The process was well explained in advance and I would definitely recommend the procedure to friends. – Robert Y.

Dr. Izzo thoroughly explained my cataract surgery, and patiently listened and answered my questions. The surgery was completely painless. I now can finally read the small print going across my television! - Linda B.

Dr. Izzo tritely cares about each of his patients. He took the time to explain my cataract surgery. I chose to have the Toric lens implant and am delighted with the results. My vision is now 20/20 and I can see things clearly once again! - Margaret P.

I have been a patient at this practice for about 34 years and will not go anywhere else. Doctor Izzo is very thorough and knowledgeable. — Larry J.

The professionalism at Berks Eye is fabulous; excellent exams are given in a friendly atmosphere. Dr. Izzo has been my opthamologist for many years and he was my cataract surgeon last year. I trust him completely and the surgery results have been phenomenal. I recommend Berks Eye to others frequently. — Suzanne Y.

Berks Eye and Doctor Izzo are simply the Best! I went yesterday for my annual checkup after having lens implanted last year. Cataracts are gone. Vision is 20/20 both eyes. I have not seen this good since my teens. A real Blessing to not need to have glasses at all. I can see great, close and far. — David E.

Dr Izzo spent time educating and explaining to me in detail what Cataract surgery involves. He is professional and courteous and he made me feel reassured regarding my scheduled surgery. — Margaret F.

My first experience at Berks Eye was in July 2020. I felt very safe with the office procedures and arrangements to keep all patients safe from Covid 19. I met very friendly personnel each step of the visit from front desk, to technicians to Dr. Izzo! Berks Eye was not the first office I visited this year in pursuit of cataract surgery. My first experience was at a very big, well known eye center in the Reading area. My experience at this "big" eye center was not as friendly, cordial or patient centered like Berks Eye. I had a very positive experience having cataract surgery. I have recommended Berks Eye to several friends. Thank you Berks Eye for your professionalism, expertise, friendliness and caring approach to patient centered care. You deserve to be #1 in eye care in Berks County. — Gloria H.

My entire eye care experience was A+ excellent. Dr. Izzo explained the procedures and what my expectations should be every step of the way. Never once did I feel uncomfortable with the care he provided. To say the least, Dr. Izzo possesses extraordinary skills as a surgeon and wonderful people skills. The entire staff goes out of their way to make patients like myself feel comfortable and they are all skilled at what they do. My thanks to all the people who did what was necessary to make my eye care surgery successful. - Michael B.

Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons are one of the medical practices possess the rare staff members who all truly care about their patients and their needs. From the first phone call I made to in inquire if they accepted my health insurance to the minute, I walked in their door I knew I made the right choice for my vision needs. I found my forever Eye Physicians and Surgeons. The staff at both the office and surgery center are excellent caring individuals who always provide professional high-quality care for all their patients. I highly recommend Dr. Domenic C. Izzo, JR, who removed my cataracts in two separate surgeries and restored my vison to 25/25 and improved my color perception. Dr. Izzo is an excellent dedicated Eye Surgeon who truly cares about his patients and their vision needs. This is the only staff I will trust my eye care too!

Thank you Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons, the staff and thank you Dr. Izzo! – Donna C.

Dr Izzo’s expertise made my cataract surgery simple and painless. He and his staff are both professional and helpful. I was fully prepared and informed about the process and recovery. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Izzo to anyone. – Michele R.

Berks Eye and Doctor Izzo are simply the Best! I went yesterday for my annual checkup after having lens implanted last year. Cataracts are gone. Vision is 20/20 both eyes. I have not seen this good since my teens. A real Blessing to not need to have glasses at all. I can see great, close and far. - David E.

Came in with vision issue cataract and they were awesome I can see Dr. Izzo was awesome. – Gerry C.

Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons is an example of what a medical practice should be. From check-in at the door to check-out, every single person is professional, friendly, and helpful. During the COVID pandemic, they did everything right; compliance is 100%. I could tell that much thought went into their procedures. I saw Dr. Izzo for dry eye syndrome and then eventually cataract surgery. He was easy to relate to and answered all my questions. The instructions were complete and tailored to my conditions. Post-operative follow-up and coordination is just as complete. I had an excellent result and my vision is the best it's been in 20 years! – Patricia C.

Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons are one of the medical practices possess the rare staff members who all truly care about their patients and their needs. From the first phone call I made to in inquire if they accepted my health insurance to the minute, I walked in their door I knew I made the right choice for my vision needs. I found my forever Eye Physicians and Surgeons. The staff at both the office and surgery center are excellent caring individuals who always provide professional high-quality care for all their patients. I highly recommend Dr. Domenic C. Izzo, JR, who removed my cataracts in two separate surgeries and restored my vision to 25/25 and improved my color perception. Dr.Izzo is an excellent dedicated Eye Surgeon who truly cares about his patients and their vision needs. This is the only staff I will trust my eye care too! Thank you Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons, the staff and thank you Dr. Izzo! – DMC

I saw Dr. Izzo with the request that he help improve my vision, thinking that Lasik surgery was what I needed. I was wearing bifocal lens glasses and my vision was slowly worsening. After his exam he explained that I had cataracts and that lens replacement surgery would be my best option now and for the future. I am a dentist and getting the best possible result was critically important to me as my livelihood depends on excellent vision. Prior to the procedure I had an exhaustive list of questions and concerns. Dr. Izzo was awesome as he patiently answered all my questions to relieve my anxiety. He recommended multifocal replacement lens for me , explaining that , although they are not right for every patient, that I was a good candidate. The advantage is that they enable improved distance AND close up vision. The procedure was easier than I could have ever imagined. My eyes were done one week apart. He and his staff are most professional and friendly. The best part is that now, except for my loupes for close-up dental work, I don't wear any glasses. I can read the fine print, I can see the dashboard to drive and I can see distances. Truly there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about what a significant, life changing event this was, and I am grateful to Dr Izzo for both his patience and skill in providing this treatment for me. I have and will continue to refer my friends to Dr Izzo for their vision needs. – Robert D.

Excellent staff and I highly recommend Dr. Izzo. I had eye surgery Tuesday 7/21 and a post op visit today, my vision has already improved. I will be having a second eye surgery next Tuesday 7/28 and will not be needing glasses except maybe just for fine print reading. The staff and doctors are excellent and most of all they really care about the patients, this is the only staff I will trust my eye care too!
Thank you Dr. Izzo! – Donna C.

Dr. Izzo has been my primary eye physician ever since I needed glasses. During that time I cannot complain about any of the care I have received. I have had all my questions answered in a manner that anyone would understand. Recently had cataract surgery with great results. No longer need glasses. Would recommend Dr. Izzo and his group to anyone. – Jerry H.

About two years ago my optometrist told me I had cataracts. This came as a bit of a surprise since I had not noticed any decrease in vision. He recommended Berks Eye and, specifically, Dr. Izzo, to verify his diagnosis and to perform any surgery that was necessary. I scheduled my appointment and received the most comprehensive eye exam I have ever had. Once completed, Dr. Izzo recommended surgery and suggested toric lens implants. The appointments were made and the surgeries turned out to be quick, easy and painless. Now it is about two years later and I have 20/20 vision. I have not had 20/20 vision since I was 11 years old. I am now 66. I highly recommend Dr. Izzo and the others at Berks Eye. – Randall C.

I was referred to Dr. Izzo for cataract surgery by my optometrist. I was a little apprehensive and nervous during my first visit but found Dr. Izzo and his staff to be understanding and both willing and able to answer all my questions and to address my concerns. The cataract surgery procedure and the options I could choose from were explained very clearly so I felt comfortable making decisions that I felt would work best for me. Both my surgeries were successful and I am very happy with the results. Dr. Izzo and his staff were also great with follow-up calls after my surgeries including 3 calls from Dr. Izzo himself....one of which was on a Sunday afternoon. I found the care to be exceptional and my vision is definitely greatly improved. I definitely recommend Dr. Izzo. – Lucille F.

I am stunned with the positive results from my eye surgery which was performed by Dr. Izzo. He was a complete professional during the entire process and I will absolutely return if any eye problems occur in the future. – Phillip C.

Had recent cataract and glaucoma surgery done by Dr. Izzo. Always I was given choice of what eye meds to choose from the most expensive to the cheaper generic. Also, was given choice of what testing was to be done, especially those not covered by insurance. I am very happy with all results and would recommend this Dr. and the whole office staff to my family and friends. – Tom B.

Dr. Izzo is a very knowledgeable, professional & caring eye doctor complete with a charming personality. My experience with Dr. Izzo and his staff, at both his office & surgical center, made my eye surgery & laser an exceptional eye care experience. Everyone was punctual, friendly, caring & explained each procedure fully. I would recommend Dr. Izzo to all of my family, friends & anyone looking for the best in eye care! – Angie K.

Peter D. Calder, M.D. – Cataract Testimonials

“When I came to Dr. Calder, I couldn’t see anything. Not even the Large “E” on top of the eye chart. I saw several Doctors before doing my cataract surgery with him and no one could help me. Now I won’t see another doctor – he gave me sight! This is the greatest place – I would refer anybody here. It’s wonderful to not need glasses anymore!” – Sandra D.

“Dr. Calder did my cataract surgery.There aren’t enough people in the world like him! He is friendly and calmed me down when I was scared. The procedure changed my life. Before my vision was very bad and now everything is brighter and more pleasant.” – Phyllis K.

“I had cross eyes, my left eye would turn in and there was no way to fix it. I had cataract surgery on both eyes. It was a miracle, what happened – I’ve been wearing glasses since I’m 2 years old and I’m now 74. It was a really easy procedure, there was no pain involved, I wasn’t even uneasy one minute. It was just exciting – it was an awesome experience – Dr. Calder did the surgery and I must say he is a genuine, real, compassionate person that is really caring. I couldn’t believe it after my surgery I could see without my glasses…which to me is a miracle! It’s just awesome.” – Fay H.

“In my 75 years I have seen many doctors. I have never met anyone that has such a wonderful personality like Dr. Calder has. I am happy to be his patient. Thanks again for everything.” – Joanne S.

I am so happy with my vision after cataract surgery. Everything is more vibrant and I can’t wait to get my other eye done. – Jill M.

What a great experience! From the time you are met by the receptionist to the time you check out there was no reason to feel nervous. Everyone on staff works together like one big happy family. The cataract surgery was nothing to worry about. Dr. Calder is remarkable! – Joseph R.

I have worn glasses 60 of my 65 years. Dr Calder not only made me see better, but also has the finesse to treat people like they want to be treated. A man that loves his job- from the time you check in until you check out, from staff to doctors, you are treated wonderful. – Judith H.

This is the best day ever. I van finally see everything I haven’t been able to see for years. If you are considering cataract surgery, do it! Get out of the cloud and see the sun. I am so happy with my outcome. I felt blinded for years and I can now see. I am enjoying every color there is. It was painless and easy and I wish I did it sooner. – Jodie S.

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Calder for a long time. We both respect him, trust his judgement and appreciate his compassion. Dr. Calder made my cataract surgery easy and explained everything to me. I can’t praise him enough!- Nancy R.

I really like Dr. Calder. He takes the time to explain everything he sees regarding my eyes. He has done a laser procedure on my eyes, during which I felt fully relaxed. I feel totally confident in his care and would recommend him to my dearest friends and family. – Susan D.

When I cam to Dr. Calder, I couldn’t see anything- not even the large “E” on top of the eye chart. I saw several doctors before doing my cataract surgery with him and no one could help me. Now I won’t see another doctor- he gave me sight! This is the greatest place- I would refer anybody here. It’s wonderful to not need glasses anymore! – Sandra D.

Dr Calder and his assistants are very good — Edwin N.

Excellent customer experience throughout. The entire Berks Eye Team treated me professionally and respectfully. Dr. Calder is a highly skilled expert in providing state of the art eye care. I would trust him to preform any recommended procedure. — Robert K.

Thank you for all the good work you do. I have already recommended you and my sister-in-law had her cataract surgery done by Dr. Calder. I will continue to recommend your doctors. I appreciate the text and email reminders as well. — Jacqueline R.

I had cataract surgery by Dr. Calder approximately 5 years ago. Now that it’s time to have the same done on my other eye there was absolutely no hesitation. The experience was smoother than he told me it would be. The entire staff from the initial registration person through to Dr. Calder are very professional and cordial. It was as pleasant as any surgery could possibly be. I wore corrective lenses for the first 60 years of my life and now I only wear “readers” at certain times. I’m looking forward to this second experience. — Rodney W.

It is always a great visit with you all. I'm so thankful to you especially Dr. CALDER for restoring my eyesight through cataract surgery. God bless — Anne S.

Dr. Calder is the BEST!! He is so caring and friendly. He performed my husband's cataract surgery and personally made several follow up calls ....even on Sunday to check on his welfare. I wish all physicians had his personality. — Patricia D.

Have never had a bad experience in all the years I've been seeing Dr. Calder. From routine visits to cataract surgery. Recommended him to my sister in law, she was impressed and thankful for the recommendation. The staff and doctors are first rate. — Bonnie D.

Dr. Calder did my cataract surgery and he is great. Very kind and thoughtful! — Rachel S.

When I went for an eye exam to get fitted for new glasses the last thing I expected to hear was "Before you can be fitted for glasses you need to have your cataract taken care of." I had no idea that I had a cataract, I just thought that I needed new glasses. I was referred to Dr. Calder at Berks Eye. He and the staff there did a great job and now I can see a big improvement in my vision. Thanks Berks Eye! — William S.

This was my first visit. The office staff was very kind. Dr. Calder explained the procedure and was very friendly and caring. — Kathleen K.

It has been almost 1 year since my cataract surgeries and I couldn't be more thrilled with my results!! I just wanted to say Dr. Calder...YOU ROCK!!! Thank you so much for your Awesome chair side manner and Personality PLUS PLUS PLUS !!! You took your time and explained everything in great detail!! Thanks for your patience, as I was struggling in my decision right up until my surgery time to go with the Mono vision and I'm here to tell you it was the Perfect choice!! No Glasses!! WooHoo!! I will tell everyone I know to choose Berks Eye and You Dr. Calder!!! Once again, Thanks Dr. Calder and Berks Eye!!! – Tina L.

I would recommend Berks eye to anyone it was amazing how clear I could see after the surgery. I would recommend Dr Calder - the best doctor around. – Jill M.

It has been a few weeks since Dr Calder removed my cataracts and I must say the everything is really great. Nice to be able to see true colors once again and I'm back to 20/20 vision which is also nice. No more hating night driving. Thank you, Dr. Calder. – Larry P.

My optometrist detected a cataract developing on my left eye and referred me to Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons. Dr. Calder said I could schedule surgery whenever I was ready. I wasn't in a real hurry to have an operation so I put it off. Over about a 2 year period my vision had noticeably declined so I made another appointment with Dr. Calder. No wonder my vision had gotten worse, now I developed a cataract in my right eye as well. Over a two week period both cataracts were removed and a stent was installed to reduce the pressure from glaucoma. - Edward G.

Dr. Calder removed my cataracts and I was amazed at what a difference in my vision. Great job Doctor Calder! – Bill S.

Doctor Calder is the best Doctor I have ever had. Over the course of my long life, I have had many and never had one that truly cares and wants to the very best for me. He called me, my husband and a friend I recommended several times after our surgeries. Actually, most recently about an hour before the Super Bowl, seriously what other Doc would do that? It was not a recorded call, a personal chat. He prides himself in having the best possible outcome for his patients. - Leona M.

I saw Dr Calder from Berks Eye Surgeons for my cataract surgery. He is an exceptional doctor. Their office is very professional and thorough. I have never felt as confident I all my life with any other eye specialist. I continue to see Dr. Calder for my yearly exams and highly recommend him and this office. – Raymond W.

My husband was a patient first. His recommendation encouraged me to change doctors when I needed cataract surgery. Dr. Calder was fabulous! I've seen other doctors for yearly checkups. The entire staff is professional and welcoming. – Patricia J.

Francisco L. Tellez, M.D., FACS – Cataract Testimonials

"Dr. Tellez and his staff treated me with respect by thoroughly explaining what the procedure will be when I have the surgery. The out of pocket expenses were explained. I expect to get the best care at that time." — Linda C.

“I felt very comfortable in choosing Dr. Tellez for my cataract surgery. He is extremely professional. He told me exactly what was going to happen in a kind and professional manner. He is extremely intelligent, warm and understanding, he can relate to me as a patient.” – Rip H.

“After cataract surgery my vision was greatly improved; colors appearing more vivid and details of objects more defined. I thought the information they provided pre-surgery was excellent. I am very pleased with the results of both my laser surgery and cataract surgery completed by Dr. Tellez. My vision greatly improved. The difference is remarkable. Thank you Dr. Tellez!” – Joann G.

“I have been travelling an hour to see Dr. Tellez for 6-7 years. He takes his time, he never rushes. He did my cataract/lens implant surgery and I am extremely happy with my vision. The best part was the ease of it; I felt very confident going into it. I would recommend Dr. Tellez to anyone! I really appreciate the friendliness and professionalism of the staff – that builds confidence. ” – Barbara B.

“The entire experience was outstanding, my vision is now excellent. I was extremely impresssed with the scheduling and appointments adhering to the scheduled time. I tell everyone about my positive experience. Dr. Tellez is very thorough and patient when answering questions. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of my [cataract] surgery. I’ve worn contacts or glasses for 50 years and no longer need either one.” – anonynmous

Dr. Tellez explained all aspects of the procedures and made me feel like I had the best eye surgeon in Berks County. I highly recommend Dr. Tellez and the entire staff at Berks Eye for all eye care! - John H.

I was scared to death to get cataract surgery. Dr. Tellez is compassionate and caring. I trusted him and he gave me my vision back. I can’t wait to have my other eye done. – Lucille D.

I have been very satisfied with Dr. Tellez. My operations have been very successful and I am very pleased with Dr. Tellez. I trust his opinion and the patient care was always good. – Joseph W.

I was apprehensive about having cataract surgery due to possible complications. Dr. Tellez made me feel very comfortable and the outcome was great. I was so nervous for surgery and afterward I could see right away. Wow!- Gary E.

The whole thing was much better than I anticipated. My experience was exceptional. A very easy procedure and staff is very informative and kind.  It was a wonderful experience and I thank Dr. Tellez for my sight! – Nola S.

I am very pleased with the results of both my laser surgery and cataract surgery completed by Dr. Tellez. My glaucoma is stabilized without additional medications and my vision greatly improved. The difference is remarkable! - Joann G.

Dr. Tellez is a great Dr. — Beverly K.

What can I say? From the moment I walked through the front door till I staggered out into the sunshine (with the dark 'glasses') I was just very happy and cared for. I'll be having cataract surgery in late September and am almost looking forward to it, Dr. Tellez is that wonderful. — Constance F.

Was a new patient and saw Dr. Tellez for my Cataract's. All the staff, nurses and Dr. Tellez, were very professional and made me feel much better on receiving Cataract surgery in the near future. I have anxiety, and their attention to my concerns were comforting. — Maris R.

Everyone at Berks Eye was very pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. I felt comfortable and that I had made the right choice when I decided to come to Dr. Tellez for my cataract surgeries. — Geraldine R.

I find that the staff at Berks Eye go out of their way to be friendly and helpful. This visit was my follow-up for cataract and stent (for glaucoma) surgery in both eyes. Dr. Tellez felt it was a success! I drive from South of Lancaster to the Reading office and it is worth the time and trouble! — Sally B.

This was my worst fear praying I never have a cataract. Well, both eyes. Right worse than left. Dr.Tellez made me feel so much better after finding out you are under sedation. He tells you exactly what is going to happen step by step. Made me feel totally convinced I am in good hands and no more stress or anxiety anymore with eye Doctors. — Kathy V.

Dr. Tellez has saved my eyesight through a series of very complicated surgeries. He has my confidence not only as a surgeon, but also as a person. I have explained my treatment to all of my friends that include physicians and other professionals. My hat is off to Dr. Tellez. — John H.

I had cataract surgery this year & was amazed with the whole experience.  Everyone at Berks Eye was so nice the whole time. Dr. Tellez was very thorough with my diabetic eye exam before the procedure. From the time you walk in the door until you are finished everyone that is part of your appointment is very professional & caring. I highly recommend Berks Eye.  – Nancy B.

Dr. Tellez is the BEST!!!  A great eye surgeon and a GREAT person.  Having my cataract surgery was the best Christmas present this year! – Laurie G.

Dr. Tellez is a skilled surgeon who has saved my vision. I have recommended at least two patients with my condition and they are just as satisfied as myself. Not only is Dr. Tellez highly skilled, but he is friendly and has made me comfortable throughout the several surgeries that he has performed. – John H.

I was referred by my eye doctor to see Berks Eye concerning my cataracts. Everyone there treated me so nicely. I met with Dr. Tellez with whom the cataract surgery was explained. He answered my questions and made me feel less anxious. I could not believe how well the surgery went on the first eye and then weeks later on the second eye. After which, I could see things that I hadn't really noticed in years (including fine dust on my table).  My vision is better than I expected. I was very fortunate because I do not need "reader glasses". Dr. Tellez did a great job as promised. My vision is very important and I feel the care that was provided by Dr. Tellez was excellent. I truly recommend him as well as Berks Eye Physicians! – Caroline P.

I have been going to Berks Eye for years and have always been pleased with the staff's friendliness and the high level of care I receive. This past year I required cataract surgery and Dr Tellez and his staff were very considerate of my fears and explained everything in language I could understand, answered all my questions and put no pressure on me to make a decision, Dr Tellez and his staff were very compassionate. I would recommend him and the staff at the Surgery Center without hesitation. – Mary Jo S.

I am so happy with my cataract replacement lenses done by Dr. Tellez.  The system of checking in, getting seen, scheduled for surgery is streamlined, very efficient.  They explain everything in detail and give you written details, as well as a very easy-to-follow eyedrop chart.  They also make the financial part very easy.  The people at the surgery center are so nice, any anxiety goes away.  The procedure was painless.  I walked into the OR, walked out when the procedure was finished.  Best of all—I can see near and far! – Alice M.

I had cataract surgery last year with Dr. Tellez performing the surgery due to increased pressure in my eyes.  The pressure is down, and I have not had any problems with the cataract surgery.  Everyone involved with my surgery and appointments were professional and helpful. I would definitely recommend Berks Eye to my family and friends. – Peggy K.

Several years ago, Dr. Tellez performed cataract surgery, within a reasonable waiting period, on both my eyes. That went very well and I remain very pleased with the outcome.

Since that time I have returned several times for a checkup with Dr. Horst and made special appointments to evaluate a "floater" and after suffering a severe restriction in the width of my field of view. Dr. Horst has explained the "floater" to me very well and enabled me to rely on her monitoring the affected eye as well as my other eye. Dr. Horst was also able to accurately suggest what was happening with the severe restriction in in field of vision, suggesting I wait for 1/2 to one hour before moving as she believed I was having a migraine reaction and that it would clear up; she was right!

I now more fully recognize the importance of periodic eye checkups and I'm comforted knowing Dr. Horst is monitoring my aging process and providing excellent care from careful and attentive personable physicians. – Charles W.

I have my eyes examined on a yearly basis by Dr. Tellez.  He also completed cataract surgery on my right eye in 2006 and on my left eye in 2014.  He is an excellent surgeon with a great bedside manner. Every office staff member that I have encountered over the last several years has been very courteous and professional. – Sharon B.

Kasey Pierson, M.D. – Cataract Testimonials

I think every supporting staff had been nice. Everything was explained. The folder that contained all the instructions was very useful; easy to follow. Dr. Pierson explained the procedure clearly. He removed the cataracts on both eyes and inserted the lenses successfully; no problems encountered. Dr. Pierson is an excellent surgeon. He is also very personable. Highly recommended! — Lolita C.

Very professional, had two cataract surgeries done by Dr. Pearson and very pleased with the outcome plus Dr. Pearson is friendly and kept me informed. Would highly recommend Berks Eye Center and the Berkshire Eye Surgery Center. — Thomas N.

The foremost reason is my doctor, Doctor Pierson. He told me directly and clearly the results of the tests with a recommendation for cataract surgery with the reason, the process and all I need to know at this time. He is pleasant and engaging in his manner I have confidence in him. — Mary S.

I want to thank Dr. Kasey Pierson and his entire staff. They have provided an atmosphere of professionalism, expert preparation, and post-op care for the removal of my cataracts. The lens insertions now allow me full access to pleasures of sight. – Thomas K.

I was extremely nervous and my anxiety was off the charts at the thought of having cataract surgery. Dr. Kasey Pierson, nurses, and staff were awesome. They made what I thought was going to be a horrible an amazing and easy experience! Dr. Pierson is fantastic! – Margaret H.

Dr. Pierson and the entire staff have been very professional, polite, and efficient. I could not have asked for a better outcome with my surgery. Dr. Pierson is very polite and intelligent and explains all the procedures. He does comes highly recommended from my optometrist, Dr. Lisa McDevitt! Overall, a very pleasant experience. Dr. Pierson is also very friendly and makes you feel at ease. – Caryn H.

From start to finish, a great experience. All the staff members were courteous and welcoming. Dr. Pierson put me at ease, explaining everything in an easy to understand manner. Don’t hesitate to have the surgery. It is truly painless and recovery time is fast. – Bonnie P.

Dr. Pierson was awesome. He explained everything step by step and he helped me overcome nervousness. The whole practice was amazing and I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you! – Cheryl T.

I am grateful to Dr. Pierson for his attentive and engaging patient care. His work was flawless. The cataract procedure went remarkably well. The doctors’ attention to details of the procedure including anesthesia and nursing was spot on. All in all a very progressive and compassionate group. – Karen G.

Thank you Dr. Pierson! Those two words seem so small to express my appreciation. Before, during and after my recent cataract surgery, Dr. Pierson's enthusiasm, confidence and compassion were contagious. I highly recommend Dr. Pierson, he's one of the best in Berks! – Patrice S.

Was very impressed with the whole experience. Dr. Pierson was so friendly and helpful. He explained everything that I asked about. First time I ever left a doctor’s office feeling good, and happy about the experience. – Joan G.

I had a very positive experience with Dr. Pierson. He was very informative and had excellent bedside manner which made me feel at ease at all times. – Barbara A.

I usually don’t do reviews, but in December I went to have a routine eye exam. My eye doctor told me he needs me to go to a surgeon to have them take a closer look.  I walked in to Berks Eye and first impression was WOW this place is beautiful and then it’s OMG what is this going to cost me. I have to admit I was so scared and nervous and then I met Doctor Kasey L. Pierson he not only put my nerves to ease he explained what was going on with my eyes and what needed to be done well needless to say I needed cataract surgery he did both my eyes Dr. Pierson and the staff at Berks Eyes are great. – Maryann T.

Dr. Kasey Pierson, MD is an excellent doctor. He is very personable, thorough, professional, and compassionate. I have struggled for years with my vision and have been to many eye doctors and specialists. He finally diagnosed my problem and with simple surgery corrected my vision. It is a miracle after being told that I would not have any improvement. I am so grateful to him for taking the time to listen and diagnose my problem. He and his staff, as well as the entire Berks Eye staff, are fantastic and easy to work with. He is also very punctual but still takes time with the patient. I highly, highly recommend Dr Kasey Pierson! – Debbie B.

Dr. Pierson has made me realize how professional, caring, and generous a doctor can be. I am so thankful I was treated by him, and I have no complaint about anything. I have been going to Berks Eye for the past 4 years, and from the moment I enter the door, I am received with a smile. Currently, staff is being very helpful and compliant with Covid protocols. I am a Spanish speaking client and I have never experienced any mistreatment or discrimination. I recently had an eye surgery where nurses, assistants, and of course, Dr. Pierson made this a smooth and trustable process. I am indebted to these people. – Andrea O.

I was fortunate to have Dr. Kasey Pierson do my corneal and cataract surgeries. He is simply THE BEST. He is very knowledgeable, cares about you which shows in follow up appointments and has awesome personality. I would recommend Dr. Pierson to anyone looking for an excellent eye doctor. Yana N.

If I were able to rate Dr Pierson higher than just great, I gladly would.  He is kind, compassionate, honest and caring.  He is amazing at communication with the patients.  He treated me better than I could have ever expected. Working with him was indeed a blessing for me as the results we obtained from the surgery have allowed me to be lens free for the first time in a very, very long time.  I am totally impressed with this young doctor and would highly recommend anyone to see him. – Donna K.

I just recently underwent cataract surgery at Berks Eye.  Dr. Kasey Pierson was my physician and I would definitely recommend him to anyone.  He is the most caring and knowledgeable doctor I have ever encountered!  He took the time to explain in great detail exactly what would happen during my surgery.  I really cannot say enough great things about this doctor.  Plus, he personally follows up with his patients after the procedure.  I for one appreciate that! – Barbara M.

Dr. Pierson was friendly and knowledgeable! I felt comfortable and relaxed during my cataract experience. He explained my surgical procedure in a way that was easy to understand. Patient care and safety was always important to Dr. Pierson and the staff. He is a great asset to Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons!  – L. Rohrbach

The staff at Berks Eye are friendly and professional. Dr. Pierson did an excellent job on my cataract surgery. My vision is better than I ever expected. He has a great bedside manner and is extremely skilled. I highly recommend this practice and Dr. Pierson for your eye care needs.  – B. Noll

Dr. Kasey L Pierson did a wonderful job throughout my both eye surgeries. I am highly recommending him. Ty Kasey!- Joe S.

Stop your search and go see Dr. Pierson!!

Eyes and surgery in the same sentence should be scary! But it wasn't - not for ONE MINUTE! Dr. Pierson made the whole process easy to understand and explained everything so there were no surprises. When I asked my friends about cataract surgery, they all said the procedure was a breeze but the post op drops for four weeks were the worst part. Dr. Pierson even made THAT easy with a compounded drop combining the three into one. EASY!! It's unusual to get a great surgeon with a great personality but you'll have BOTH with this guy!

It's AMAZING how much of the world I had been missing as the cataracts grew. The colors and details I can now see are incredible. What I didn't expect to get back was confidence - to drive at night again, to wear make up now that I could see to put it on again, to wear awesome sunglasses again, and to look people in the eye again!

Thanks Dr. Pierson!!- Robin S.

Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons – Cataract Testimonials

It was very comfortable, quick and painless. After the first surgery I looked forward to getting my other eye done. I had ReSTOR® implants put in, and it’s wonderful. I am a gardener so I found glasses to be annoying especially sweating in the heat. I would tell people that if you are interested in pure convenience and want to get rid of contacts, cleaning glasses, etc. – if you’re active, ReSTOR® implants are great. This is a very friendly office – all of the staff is extremely professional and kind.” – Coleen M.

“I would like to say that I am extremely pleased!” -anonymous

“After having cataract surgery and lenses placed in my eyes I can see and read better than I could with glasses. The convenience of having the sight I had when I was young has made my life a real joy. And to be able to walk into any shop, pick up a great looking pair of sunglasses and walk out. Voila!” – anonymous

Friendly and professional service from the entire staff. My cataract surgery was very successful. — Bruce S.

Already have recommended an elderly gentleman for cataract surgery, which he had done and very pleased with the results. — William M.

Excellent !!! I can see great after cataract surgery — Geralyn C.

I wish I was more prepared as to what to expect for entire exam. It ran close to three hours but I know my eye health was explored very thoroughly. It's not every day a patient is told they need cataract surgery, so I do appreciate the painstakingly completeness of exam. — Joan N.

Very pleased with the service we received. My husband and I both use Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons. From eye exams to cataract surgery the finest care was given. Doug & Donna Miller — Donna M.

Very professional, competent and caring practice. I have no hesitation recommending Berks Eye for your vision needs. I had cataract surgery to correct a problem with close angles, and am very happy with the results. — Pamela R.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons to everyone. The friendly professionalism from EVERYONE in the office is outstanding. I have known for years how wonderful Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons, but their expertise throughout my recent cataract surgery and recovery was phenomenal! Everything was so organized, easy to understand, and reinforced. I was nervous, and was instantly put at ease. The check-off sheet for my eye drops was very helpful. If you, or anyone you care for needs an eye doctor or eye surgeon, look no further than Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons, they are awesome! — Joyce R.

The doctor explained everything I needed to know for my cataract surgery. He answered all my questions. — Beth G.

Everything went great with my cataract surgery on both eyes. — Sheila G.

All staff members and doctors are so very nice, friendly and helpful! They definitely know their profession very well. I had cataract surgery there almost a year ago and the results are unbelievable! — Evlyn M.

I have been a patient with Berks Eye for quite a number of years. In previous years my visits were for annual eye exams and glasses. However since January of this year I have had bilateral cataract surgeries and YAG procedures. I am extremely pleased with my care before, throughout and after my surgeries and procedures. — Mary Lou K.

The purpose of my visit was to get a second opinion re: surgery for cataracts, glaucoma and an astigmatism. All staff were personable and informative. The tests (some of which I had not had before) moved along as quickly as possible. I was impressed with the Dr's knowledge, his experience and warmth to the point that I decided to switch my surgery from my previous MD to Berks Eye. — Sally B.

Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Doctor took his time and I did not feel rushed. All my concerns were addressed and questions answered. Was given a packet of information for cataract surgery and time to digest it all in order to make the best decision. Calls were returned in timely manner. Came here after poor treatment at another eye surgeon's office ad was recommended by friends. Five stars — Lisa B.

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