What Is It Like To Live With Vision Loss From Glaucoma?

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Human beings can adapt to many challenges in life, but losing their eyesight can cause feelings of grief and anxiety. People living with vision loss from glaucoma or other eye disease must make accommodations in their everyday life to move around safely, work, and enjoy time with friends and family. Our eye doctors at Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons can help you live a full and happy life with a treatment plan and tips for adjusting to low vision caused by glaucoma

Glaucoma Often Causes Slow Vision Loss

Vision impairment caused by glaucoma is often described as “tunnel vision,” but your entire visual field may be affected by increasing blur, lower contrast, and glare around lights. People with early glaucoma may require more light in low-lit conditions, such as restaurants, and have blurry vision on one or both sides. They may have lower image quality that appears foggy. 

As the disease progresses, glaucoma significantly decreases contrast sensitivity and blind spots, or areas that are darker or missing in the visual field. Ultimately, glaucoma may cause blindness, but modern treatments prevent blindness in most cases. Glaucoma treatments can’t restore lost vision but are effective ways to stop or stall its advancement. 

Increase the Lighting in Your Home 

Increase the wattage of your light bulbs and add more lamps in darker areas of your home and office. Direct lighting behind you can reduce glare and help you see the task in front of you more clearly. Dark yellow or amber-colored glasses can also reduce glare. If you’re spending time outdoors, bring a strong flashlight with you.

Adjust Your Home and Workspace to Reduce Fall and Trip Hazards 

People with low vision are more likely to trip, slip, or fall. You may misjudge distances or fail to see the corner of a table or rug on the floor. Organize your home and workspace to leave more room between furniture and remove rugs or secure them to the floor. Paint or tape your handrails with a contrasting color and use marking treads on the stairs to lower your fall risk. 

Make sure you close cabinets right after opening them, and organize medications, keys, and money to make it easy to grab the right item when you need it.  

Enlarge Text 

Enlarge the text on your smart devices and computer and read books with large print. Use large, bold print to mark important areas or appliances in your kitchen, such as the stove, oven, microwave, and spices. 

Develop a Support System 

People with glaucoma may feel like they are alone in dealing with the struggles of vision loss, but glaucoma affects nearly 3 million people in the United States. Online support groups and non-profit organizations can validate your experience and help you find unique ways to lead a full life with glaucoma. These outlets are beneficial for family members in helping them understand what it’s like to live with glaucoma. 

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