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Francisco L. Tellez, MD, FACS

Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons, Ltd.

Ophthalmologist Francisco L. Tellez, MD, FACSDr. Tellez is a board-certified ophthalmologist with over 20 years of experience. He joined the Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons team in 1997. Dr. Tellez is a fellowship-trained glaucoma specialist with expertise in all aspects of medical and surgical glaucoma diagnosis and management. His individualized care plans offer the full range of treatment options, including the newest medications, the latest laser technologies, and the most effective surgical procedures to protect your vision and enhance your quality of life.

Dr. Tellez also specializes in small incision, no-stitch, no patch cataract and intraocular lens implant (IOL) surgery. He uses the latest technologies, such as presbyopia-correcting implants to eliminate the need for reading glasses and bifocals, as well as toric implants to correct astigmatism.

A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Cornell University, Dr. Tellez received his medical degree from the New York University School of Medicine in New York City. He served his internship in internal medicine at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. He completed his residency in ophthalmology at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New Hyde Park, New York, where he served as chief resident. He completed additional specialty fellowship training in glaucoma at the Emory Eye Center in Atlanta, Georgia, which is consistently ranked among the best ophthalmology training programs by U.S. News & World Report.

Dr. Tellez is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and a Fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. He is a member of the American Glaucoma Society, American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, American Medical Association, Pennsylvania Academy of Ophthalmology, Pennsylvania Medical Society, and Berks County Medical Society.

Dr. Tellez is bilingual and speaks fluent Spanish. He plays the saxophone with the Praise Teams of the West Lawn United Methodist Church.

Francisco L. Tellez, M.D., FACS – Cataract Testimonials

"Dr. Tellez and his staff treated me with respect by thoroughly explaining what the procedure will be when I have the surgery. The out of pocket expenses were explained. I expect to get the best care at that time." — Linda C.

“I felt very comfortable in choosing Dr. Tellez for my cataract surgery. He is extremely professional. He told me exactly what was going to happen in a kind and professional manner. He is extremely intelligent, warm and understanding, he can relate to me as a patient.” – Rip H.

“After cataract surgery my vision was greatly improved; colors appearing more vivid and details of objects more defined. I thought the information they provided pre-surgery was excellent. I am very pleased with the results of both my laser surgery and cataract surgery completed by Dr. Tellez. My vision greatly improved. The difference is remarkable. Thank you Dr. Tellez!” – Joann G.

“I have been travelling an hour to see Dr. Tellez for 6-7 years. He takes his time, he never rushes. He did my cataract/lens implant surgery and I am extremely happy with my vision. The best part was the ease of it; I felt very confident going into it. I would recommend Dr. Tellez to anyone! I really appreciate the friendliness and professionalism of the staff – that builds confidence. ” – Barbara B.

“The entire experience was outstanding, my vision is now excellent. I was extremely impresssed with the scheduling and appointments adhering to the scheduled time. I tell everyone about my positive experience. Dr. Tellez is very thorough and patient when answering questions. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of my [cataract] surgery. I’ve worn contacts or glasses for 50 years and no longer need either one.” – anonynmous

Dr. Tellez explained all aspects of the procedures and made me feel like I had the best eye surgeon in Berks County. I highly recommend Dr. Tellez and the entire staff at Berks Eye for all eye care! - John H.

I was scared to death to get cataract surgery. Dr. Tellez is compassionate and caring. I trusted him and he gave me my vision back. I can’t wait to have my other eye done. – Lucille D.

I have been very satisfied with Dr. Tellez. My operations have been very successful and I am very pleased with Dr. Tellez. I trust his opinion and the patient care was always good. – Joseph W.

I was apprehensive about having cataract surgery due to possible complications. Dr. Tellez made me feel very comfortable and the outcome was great. I was so nervous for surgery and afterward I could see right away. Wow!- Gary E.

The whole thing was much better than I anticipated. My experience was exceptional. A very easy procedure and staff is very informative and kind.  It was a wonderful experience and I thank Dr. Tellez for my sight! – Nola S.

I am very pleased with the results of both my laser surgery and cataract surgery completed by Dr. Tellez. My glaucoma is stabilized without additional medications and my vision greatly improved. The difference is remarkable! - Joann G.

Dr. Tellez is a great Dr. — Beverly K.

What can I say? From the moment I walked through the front door till I staggered out into the sunshine (with the dark 'glasses') I was just very happy and cared for. I'll be having cataract surgery in late September and am almost looking forward to it, Dr. Tellez is that wonderful. — Constance F.

Was a new patient and saw Dr. Tellez for my Cataract's. All the staff, nurses and Dr. Tellez, were very professional and made me feel much better on receiving Cataract surgery in the near future. I have anxiety, and their attention to my concerns were comforting. — Maris R.

Everyone at Berks Eye was very pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. I felt comfortable and that I had made the right choice when I decided to come to Dr. Tellez for my cataract surgeries. — Geraldine R.

I find that the staff at Berks Eye go out of their way to be friendly and helpful. This visit was my follow-up for cataract and stent (for glaucoma) surgery in both eyes. Dr. Tellez felt it was a success! I drive from South of Lancaster to the Reading office and it is worth the time and trouble! — Sally B.

This was my worst fear praying I never have a cataract. Well, both eyes. Right worse than left. Dr.Tellez made me feel so much better after finding out you are under sedation. He tells you exactly what is going to happen step by step. Made me feel totally convinced I am in good hands and no more stress or anxiety anymore with eye Doctors. — Kathy V.

Dr. Tellez has saved my eyesight through a series of very complicated surgeries. He has my confidence not only as a surgeon, but also as a person. I have explained my treatment to all of my friends that include physicians and other professionals. My hat is off to Dr. Tellez. — John H.

I had cataract surgery this year & was amazed with the whole experience.  Everyone at Berks Eye was so nice the whole time. Dr. Tellez was very thorough with my diabetic eye exam before the procedure. From the time you walk in the door until you are finished everyone that is part of your appointment is very professional & caring. I highly recommend Berks Eye.  – Nancy B.

Dr. Tellez is the BEST!!!  A great eye surgeon and a GREAT person.  Having my cataract surgery was the best Christmas present this year! – Laurie G.

Dr. Tellez is a skilled surgeon who has saved my vision. I have recommended at least two patients with my condition and they are just as satisfied as myself. Not only is Dr. Tellez highly skilled, but he is friendly and has made me comfortable throughout the several surgeries that he has performed. – John H.

I was referred by my eye doctor to see Berks Eye concerning my cataracts. Everyone there treated me so nicely. I met with Dr. Tellez with whom the cataract surgery was explained. He answered my questions and made me feel less anxious. I could not believe how well the surgery went on the first eye and then weeks later on the second eye. After which, I could see things that I hadn't really noticed in years (including fine dust on my table).  My vision is better than I expected. I was very fortunate because I do not need "reader glasses". Dr. Tellez did a great job as promised. My vision is very important and I feel the care that was provided by Dr. Tellez was excellent. I truly recommend him as well as Berks Eye Physicians! – Caroline P.

I have been going to Berks Eye for years and have always been pleased with the staff's friendliness and the high level of care I receive. This past year I required cataract surgery and Dr Tellez and his staff were very considerate of my fears and explained everything in language I could understand, answered all my questions and put no pressure on me to make a decision, Dr Tellez and his staff were very compassionate. I would recommend him and the staff at the Surgery Center without hesitation. – Mary Jo S.

I am so happy with my cataract replacement lenses done by Dr. Tellez.  The system of checking in, getting seen, scheduled for surgery is streamlined, very efficient.  They explain everything in detail and give you written details, as well as a very easy-to-follow eyedrop chart.  They also make the financial part very easy.  The people at the surgery center are so nice, any anxiety goes away.  The procedure was painless.  I walked into the OR, walked out when the procedure was finished.  Best of all—I can see near and far! – Alice M.

I had cataract surgery last year with Dr. Tellez performing the surgery due to increased pressure in my eyes.  The pressure is down, and I have not had any problems with the cataract surgery.  Everyone involved with my surgery and appointments were professional and helpful. I would definitely recommend Berks Eye to my family and friends. – Peggy K.

Several years ago, Dr. Tellez performed cataract surgery, within a reasonable waiting period, on both my eyes. That went very well and I remain very pleased with the outcome.

Since that time I have returned several times for a checkup with Dr. Horst and made special appointments to evaluate a "floater" and after suffering a severe restriction in the width of my field of view. Dr. Horst has explained the "floater" to me very well and enabled me to rely on her monitoring the affected eye as well as my other eye. Dr. Horst was also able to accurately suggest what was happening with the severe restriction in in field of vision, suggesting I wait for 1/2 to one hour before moving as she believed I was having a migraine reaction and that it would clear up; she was right!

I now more fully recognize the importance of periodic eye checkups and I'm comforted knowing Dr. Horst is monitoring my aging process and providing excellent care from careful and attentive personable physicians. – Charles W.

I have my eyes examined on a yearly basis by Dr. Tellez.  He also completed cataract surgery on my right eye in 2006 and on my left eye in 2014.  He is an excellent surgeon with a great bedside manner. Every office staff member that I have encountered over the last several years has been very courteous and professional. – Sharon B.

Francisco L. Tellez, M.D., FACS – Testimonials

Dr Tellez was recommended by my local eye Dr. He and his staff helped me last year. Local Dr and I decided to return to get help on my other eye. Staff is wonderful! They were busy but that’s the reason they are busy. — John R.

Dr. Tellez is the reason I drive two hours from Delaware to see him for my eye care! Need I say more?? — Barbara L.

I love the thoroughness of Dr. Tellez the service was fast, and the information that was given was totally appreciated. — Kevin J.

Everyone is extremely courteous and professional. Dr Tellez is excellent and takes the time to answer any questions you have. — Craig S.

First, those of the staff I have dealt with are friendly yet are professional in meeting with me. Dr. Tellez is the best. — Richard F.

Appt went seamlessly. Staff were very professional and helpful. Dr Tellez on point as usual. — Kristin B.

Dr Tellez is very knowledgeable and listens to my concerns. - Jane B.

Dr Tellez has more patience and skill than any other eye surgeon ever treated me. Moreover, Dr. Tellez saved me from going blind in my left eye. Beside his skill, he is very patient and has devoted so much time to make me feel comfortable during the several surgeries that he had to perform on me...... and friendly too! J. Richard Herilla. - John H.

I had an unexpected problem with my eye, I called the office and they managed to get me in with a very busy Dr. Tellez the same day. I was so impressed and so happy they squeezed me in and my problem was taken care of. Thank you Dr. Tellez and staff, you did a wonderful job. I am so grateful as I had a foreign object in my eye and it would only have gotten worse. - Donna M.

This all happened very quickly, my eye docs here must have send into because Dr. Tellez took the time to read it all to better know why he was seeing me on such short notice and I so appreciated that. He seemed wise, competent, capable, easily understood, patient, thoughtful and had a plan of action before I left. I think it is time to rethink my whole eye care instead of going with what we were doing in LA,CA so trusting this will be a healthy new approach for many , many more years of great vision for me. Thank you all. - Judith M.

Well organized office and knowledgeable workers in all aspects of care. Dr. Tellez is one of the best. Very thorough. - Linda K.

Dr. Tellez deserves his excellent reputation. He is always careful to ensure that I fully understand his procedures and recommendations. - Rodney L.

I now live in Wellsboro 3 hours away. Your staff and Dr. Tellez are so great I would gladly keep traveling to Reading than find someone up here. Granted we still have family we visit when we are down there but will keep coming down as long as we can drive. - Carol F.

Dr Tellez is excellent. - Jean U.

The staff are always pleasant & professional, the facility is attractive and well kept. I trust Dr. Tellez for his thoroughness and clear explanations of the results of my exam. — Anna W.

I was a bit overwhelmed when I walked through the front doors the first time, but I felt relief as soon as the check in process began. The office was run like a well-oiled machine, but by individuals who show they care. Despite a waiting room full of patients, I never sat but a minute or two between tests. Each technician professionally administered the particular test, but also took time to make me feel welcome and comfortable, like I was not a patient, but more like a friend of a friend. Dr. Tellez took time to explain the test results and his recommendations in an easy-to -understand format. I left, feeling confident I had received topnotch treatment from beginning to end. — Barbara P.

I was impressed from start to finish. I'm very appreciative of the thorough, professional and comprehensive approach by Dr. Tellez, as opposed to the former practice I attended. — Thomas H.

This practice is well organized, thorough, and well prepared for covid protection. I have seen both Dr. Horst and Dr. Tellez, and they are great! - Emma B.

I am myself a retired physician. I was very happy that I visited your facility for evaluation of my glaucoma and certain related issues. Dr. Tellez was very nice to examine me in detail and I hope that he will deliver excellent result for my future cataract surgery. -  Saulat M.

I just the afternoon of my latest appointment did recommend Dr. Tellez to two friends. I always find him very thorough and professional. I appreciate the modifications taken in the waiting areas and other protocols put in pace due to the CoVid 19 pandemic. I felt comfortable being in the office. -  Anna W

My experience with the staff and Dr. Tellez was excellent! Not only was everyone knowledgeable and friendly, but there was very little, if any, waiting time between the 3 or 4 people I had to see for various tests. I was highly impressed with the procedures the staff put in place to keep everyone safe during the pandemic, which is very important to me. Not all doctors’ offices are as efficient and careful!  - Brenda B

My visit went very well.  Dr Tellez is very professional and I would recommend him to my friends. - James B.

Dr. Tellez & His STAFF of Nurses & Tech's are EXCELLENT & Very Brave in this Tuff Time of the Virus. - Thomas D.

I was so favorably impressed with the caring staff and the way in which patients are handled in light of the Corona Virus. I am happy to have met Dr. Tellez and now am a patient of his. Thanks to all of you who are on the front lines during this epidemic! - Joyce M.

My first visit to Dr. Tellez. Excellent service all around. The staff was efficient and friendly, things moved quickly, and Dr. Tellez did a thorough examination including a detailed written report that I very much appreciated. -  William L.

Excellent office staff, excellent care. Dr. Tellez is the best - Susan D.

Everyone i interacted with was so friendly and compassionate. Dr. Tellez explained everything to me which answered a lot of my questions. They made my first visit there a very positive one. - Nicolina F.

Courteous, efficient and friendly staff. Excellent professional service and experience. - Ronald D.

Staff was very nice and Dr. Tellez took time to talk to me. - Sandra K.

Dr. Tellez is the best. - Vlacia C.

Dr. Tellez is so professional and knowledgeable, that it is a pleasure to come to the office. From the receptions to the technicians who do the testing, all are caring people. - Ruth P.

The care and concern for my well being are the best ever at Berks Eye. Dr. Tellez is a wonderful Doctor and takes great care of my needs and concerns. - Leona S.

I have received exemplary care from Berks Eye (formerly Souders and Moll) for over 5 decades. The quality of services and specialty knowledge is second-to-none. Both my wife and I see Dr. Horst for our ophthalmic care and Drs. Tellez and Bronner have provided wonderful care for my mother for Glaucoma and macular degeneration, respectively. - Kevin T.

I'm very pleased with Dr. Tellez and the office. I've had his nurse for several years and she is friendly. - Sandra D.

Find all the staff courteous and professional. Have faith in Dr. Tellez professional skill and thoroughness. - Anna W.

Everyone was friendly and helpful on my first visit. Dr. Tellez was thorough and explained my situation that I could easily understand. - Peggy K.

Dr. Tellez and his team are excellent. - Nicholas S.

Very friendly. very thorough with exam and explanation. Dr Tellez is great.  - Rosemarie S.

Everyone I was in contact with on my last appointment was courteous and professional in carrying out their work. My appointment was on time and in a timely manner. Dr. Tellez reviewed the results of his examination in a manner that I understood. - Ronald D.

Very high level of professional competence and thorough eye care. Dr. Tellez is one of the very best physicians and surgeons I ever have encountered. - John B.

Everyone was professional. Dr. Tellez was excellent as usual. No complaints at all.  - Linda R.

Always a pleasant experience. Everyone is always friendly. The office is run very efficiently. Dr. Tellez is a wonderful doctor & I feel very fortunate to be one of his patients. - Brenda M.

Dr. Tellez has saved my eyesight through a series of very complicated surgeries. He has my confidence not only as a surgeon, but also as a person. I have explained my treatment to all of my friends that include physicians and other professionals. My hat is off to Dr. Tellez.  – J. Richard H.

I always get treated well by the staff and Dr, Tellez. - Sherwood G.

Yesterday was my first visit as a patient to Berks Eye. I was indeed favorably impressed with every aspect of the office from its cleanliness, to its friendliness, to the professional demeanor of all the employees. Dr. Tellez and all his associates made me feel that I was their only concern at the moment (which I was) of eye examination. I was very pleased and happy to have been recommended to Berks Eye. - Anne E.

Office staff, nurses and technicians were all very attentive and professional. I felt very comfortable within the office. Doctor Tellez is the best!!! - John H.

Dr. Tellez is one of the best around. -  Nicholas S.

I have great faith in Dr Tellez. Have been seeing him for years for glaucoma. I was taken promptly and seen by the doctor after a brief wait. The staff is friendly and professional. - Alice B.

I really appreciate the excellent care that I received in your practice. Dr. Tellez is an excellent doctor. - Rafaela T.

While I may have overused the rating word excellent, anything less would suggest I see areas that could be improved upon. My many years as a patient as far back as Dr. Moll has never provide me anything but the best care I might expect with my condition. Dr. Moll's replacement, Dr. Tellez, has not lost as step in monitoring my medical condition. - Rodney M.

Have always found staff to go the extra mile to set up timely appointments when non-routine care is needed. And Dr. Tellez is wonderful! - Patrice K.

Dr. Tellez is my doctor & I would recommend him to anyone. He is very thorough & kind. You feel he really cares about you. - Gloria L.

I have been seeing Dr. Tellez . He is keeping a watch on my eye pressure. He is very thorough and takes the time to answer my questions. Both my wife and I are always able to get appointments that suit us in a timely manner and the staff is always pleasant. The offices are clean and modern. The staff is well educated and everyone works together to make this a great place.

All of your eye needs can be met here in one place: exams, tests, procedures and eyewear. – Michael B.

Can't say enough about Berks Eye Physicians.  Dr. Tellez has taken such good care of my husband and his glaucoma.  He is such a great doctor and so kind.  I just saw Dr. Calder yesterday for a check up - what a great feeling to be greeted so warmly and cared for so well.   We are moving out of the area and hate to leave this practice....may just make the drive to get this excellent service from great people!  Thank you !  - Ann Y.

I went there for surgery for glaucoma not knowing what to expect.  Dr. Tellez and staff were very calming and awesome from the start to finish.   Thanks so much !! – Cynthia R.

I have been a patient of Dr. Francisco Tellez for nearly 18 years and am extremely thankful for his professional, intelligent and thoughtful manner in which he has managed my serious degree of Glaucoma in both eyes. With his experience, knowledge and intelligent handling of my glaucoma through surgeries, lasers, testing, and various drops he has been able to maintain the level of severity and keep my condition from getting worse since I became a patient in 2002.  I am so thankful and fortunate to be his patient and for his continuing care of my eyes.

I would also like to give a big shoutout and thanks to his staff that handles the testing (vision field tests, and computer scans), and his assistants who very ably prepare me for my appointments.  I would like to say thanks to all who are work in this practice of Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons for the professional manner in which my eye care is managed from check in to check out.  They together form a great team.  - James R.

Dr. Tellez was very reassuring when I had my first experience with laser eye surgery to reduce my eye pressure.  It was successful and not as weird as I anticipated.  His assistants were very helpful with providing information and eye drops.  I'll be back for cataract surgery when I need it! – Kathee R.

Everyone is courteous, professional and friendly. I recommend Dr. Tellez to everyone.- Patricia M.

Doctor Tellez is very professional and personable. I highly recommend him. The staff is equally as good.- Keith P.

Experience with Berks Eye, Dr. Tellez, and supporting staff is very professional and friendly. Thank you for your exceptional care. – Richard K.

Always feel safe and well cared for with Dr. Tellez and his team. They are the very best and he is a meticulous MD. Noted that he goes over my readings and does comparisons every time. Always well done!- Virginia H.

I found the facility to be state of the art, the staff professional, and Dr. Tellez to be absolutely outstanding.- Carol H.

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