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Every day, people perform routine chores around the house without giving a second thought to the risk of eye injury. Unfortunately, cooking, cleaning, home improvement tasks, and yardwork can result in injuries to the eyes, which can lead to vision loss in some instances. Considering a significant portion of eye injuries occur in the home, it is only right to think about protecting your eyes in this environment. Ahead, we detail some eye protective measures you can adopt at home.

Risks Around the House

Cleaning: While cleaning your home may be standard practice, you should still be aware of the cleaning chemicals you utilize. If you are not careful, the fumes from certain chemicals can irritate your eyes, causing redness and burning. Should these caustic chemicals be exposed to your eye directly, such as if a drop lands on or near the eye, you may experience severe burning and vision loss. Minimizing your exposure to these chemicals is a great first step to protecting your eyes. It is also a good idea to wear protective eyewear when you know you will be handling cleaning chemicals.

Yardwork: When using a lawnmower, objects like sticks, rocks, and pebbles can fly up and towards the face, potentially injuring your eyes in the process. If you are planning on doing any sort of yardwork, protective glasses can shield your eyes from dust and debris. This sort of eyewear can also protect against droplets from chemicals typically used when maintaining a lawn, such as weed killers.

Cooking: In some instances, cooking can pose a risk to your eyes. Cooking over a high fire can cause certain foods and oils to splash up and near your eyes, leading to serious eye damage. Bubbling sauces and dishes may pose the same risk. Additionally, fumes and steam can irritate sensitive eyes. Spicy foods can leave a residue on fingers that could end up in your eye if you are not careful. Remember to protect your eyes and be mindful of potential risks when cooking.

Protecting Your Eyes

If you are planning on working around the house, it is recommended that you have protective eyewear available to wear while performing activities that pose a risk to the health of your eyes. Protective eyewear includes durable goggles and glasses that are specifically designed to keep your eyes safe.

Eye Protection at Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons

Safeguarding your eyes while working in and around your home is important for your overall eye health. Do not leave your eyes vulnerable to injury and potential hazards. To further ensure optimal health of your eyes, schedule an eye exam at Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons by calling us at (610) 372-0712 or scheduling online at Berkseye.com. Adults ages 18 to 60 should have a comprehensive eye exam at least once every two years. Older adults (ages 65 and older) should have annual eye exams.

Sports Eye Protection

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Too often, patients visit their providers seeking treatment for sports-related eye injuries. Using the right type of eye protection while engaging in sports can go a long way in preventing serious injuries and, in some cases, even blindness. Continue reading to learn more about how to protect your eyes.

Eye Injuries Prevented by Protective Eyewear

The following injuries may be prevented with the proper use of eye guards:

  • Corneal abrasion – Scratches or tears on the cornea
  • Inflammation of the iris – Irritation and swelling in the colored ring around the pupil
  • Hyphema – Collection of blood in the eye’s anterior chamber
  • Detached retina – When the retina pulls away from the blood vessels that provide nourishment
  • Eye socket fracture – Damage to the bones that surround the eye

It is also important to realize that sports injuries may be related to poor vision in some cases. Athletes with poor depth perception or unaddressed vision issues can risk tripping, falling, and further injuring themselves on the field.

Eye Protection Options

It is recommended that those participating in sports wear activity-specific eye protection. Eyeglasses and sunglasses, respectively, may help you see better and provide protection from the sun, but they are not enough to guard your eyes from the injuries that can occur from certain sporting activities. Because sports-related injuries are common, athletes should know the appropriate type of eyewear for competing in their sport. Regulatory entities, such as the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, set standards for protective eyewear and rate equipment by performance metrics.

Faceguards or visors: Polycarbonate helmet-mounted faceguards or visors are the most protective piece of eyewear for activities such as baseball, football, and hockey. Visors should be shatter resistant, impact resistant, and provide a layer of UV protection. Those playing hockey can use wire shields to protect their eyes.

Sports eye goggles: Sports eye goggles should be used for those playing soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, and racket sports. These goggles help protect against eye trauma that can occur from these activities. As with faceguards, these goggles should meet the sport-specific quality and safety standards.

Schedule an Eye Exam

When it comes to the health of your eyes, Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons is on your team, both on and off the field. We are here to help you protect your vision and quality of life. To schedule an appointment with one of our skilled doctors, contact our office at (610) 372-0712.

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