What LASIK Can and Cannot Correct

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LASIK is a type of eye surgery that can potentially reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses or contacts. Berks Eye values the eye health and vision of our patients. As such, we utilize all-laser LASIK for most of our vision correction procedures. All-laser LASIK utilizes two different types of lasers to correct refractive errors. The procedure takes around 10 minutes per eye. Patients experience little to no pain and achieve significant visual improvement within days.

If you depend on glasses or contacts, you may be wondering if LASIK is right for you. Here the doctors at Berks Eye discuss what LASIK can and cannot correct.


5 Clear Benefits of LASIK

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LASIK surgery corrects vision swiftly. That is the primary benefit, and the one patients pursue. However, there are pros to LASIK that many people do not take into consideration. The eye care specialists at Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons Ltd. in Reading, Pennsylvania explain some of the procedure’s long-term benefits.

1. Sharper Vision

Laser eye surgery offers numerous benefits and can dramatically improve your quality of life. Most people achieve 20/20 vision or better after the surgery. We look forward to tailoring a treatment plan to your specific needs, and providing the highest standard of care. The little things often make the most difference. You can read street signs without glasses. The minute you wake up, everything is clear. You do not have to scramble to reach for your glasses before getting out of bed or looking at the alarm clock for the time.

2. Freedom From Prescriptions

After LASIK surgery, you are freed from the need to continually change eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions. You are also freed from the fear of losing your glasses or contact lenses, requiring a rapid replacement.

3. Views Unobstructed by Frames  

The world looks different when you can view it without the obstruction of eyeglass frames. If you have worn glasses most of your life, looking at the world without the context of frames might initially prove surprising.

Others’ views of you are also unobstructed by frames. People can appreciate your features as they are, without the interference of glasses. Lack of glasses can make you appear more youthful.

4. Cost Savings Over Time 

If you are concerned about the cost of LASIK surgery, sit back and do the math. Keep in mind it is a one-time expense. Over the long term, having LASIK surgery performed to correct your vision will save you money. You no longer have to pay for eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions.  You do not have to purchase new eyeglass frames for practical or style purposes.

5. Improved Self-Confidence

One of LASIK’s greatest benefits is the boost it gives to your self-confidence. That is not something you can measure, like the clearer vision or the cost savings eventually achieved. Think of that renewed self-confidence as priceless. 

Poor vision can make some people feel uncomfortable or awkward. Wearing glasses may make them feel less attractive. LASIK can raise your self-esteem. That self-confidence can result in additional business and social opportunities.

You may find yourself playing sports or participating in other activities that are not conducive to those wearing glasses. LASIK surgery can open up a whole new world.

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If you would like more information about LASIK and whether you are a candidate for this procedure, contact the dedicated eye care specialists at Berks Eye in Reading, PA, to schedule a consultation. We will explain the procedure in detail and answer all of your questions.

How Quickly Will I Recover From LASIK?

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Advanced technology has made LASIK more convenient and comfortable than ever before. Part of that convenience is the brevity of the procedure and speed at which your eyes achieve maximum clarity.

The surgical laser is in contact with the cornea for 40 seconds or less, and the entire procedure is over in about a half hour. The recovery period is also brief, and typically free of complications. Below, the experienced vision care professionals of Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons outline the phases of post-LASIK healing.

Recovery Stages

Your eyes begin healing immediately after your LASIK procedure, and you should begin seeing clearly within eight hours. Over the next few months, your vision will adjust to the new cornea shape until you achieve maximum clarity.

During the recovery period, some patients report slight fluctuations in vision, sensitivity to light, halos around lights, occasional blurring and difficulty with night driving. In addition, it is not uncommon to experience dry eyes for weeks or months. You may briefly experience a slight itching or burning sensation. Give your eyes room to heal efficiently by avoiding makeup, swimming, vigorous physical activity, contact sports and, especially, rubbing the eyes.

Make sure to keep your follow-up appointments, as it allows your ophthalmologist an opportunity to measure the changes in your vision and check for any complications. If you do feel pain as your eyes heal, this is actually an indicator that you need to return to the office so that your surgeon can check for infection or other side effects that require prompt attention.

If you would like to learn more about LASIK, we invite you to schedule a personal consultation in our Reading office with Dr. Domenic C. Izzo, Jr. at Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons today.

What to Expect on the Day of Your LASIK Surgery

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LASIK surgery is nothing new to the team at Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons. We understand that this is probably your first time undergoing laser eye surgery, and it is completely normal to feel curious and perhaps slightly nervous about your procedure. Having an idea of what you can expect on the day of surgery will hopefully calm some of your nerves and make you more confident about the procedure.


Treatment Options for Astigmatism

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Astigmatism TreatmentAstigmatism is a refractive error in which light entering the eye fails to come to a single focus on the retina to produce clear vision. Instead, light is focused onto multiple focus points, either in front of the retina, behind it or both, causing blurry or distorted vision.

If you have astigmatism, you have several treatment options to restore sharp eyesight. The team at Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons can help you find the best option based on your vision needs and goals. (more…)

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep in Your Contact Lenses

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Bad is it to Sleep in Contacts?Contact lenses are safe medical devices used by over 45 million Americans. But problems can occur, and when they do, they are often caused by poor contact lens hygiene (e.g., not properly cleaning them or swimming or bathing while wearing them).

A crucial part of contact lens hygiene is taking the lenses out before going to sleep. Read on as the team at Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons explains why sleeping in contact lenses is a very bad idea. (more…)

Free LASIK & Cataract Seminar Oct 23rd

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& Cataract Seminar

5 Reasons to Have LASIK Right Now

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LASIK Candidate Reading PABerks Eye Physicians and Surgeons believes that LASIK is an extremely rewarding procedure with life changing benefits. But if you’re not as familiar with the ins and outs of the procedure, you might be on the fence about having it. Read on as we share the top five reasons to consider LASIK. (more…)

Most Commonly Asked Questions about LASIK

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LASIK FAQs, Pennsylvania LASIK specialistsThere are many questions, curiosities and misconceptions circulating about the popular vision correction procedure known as LASIK. To clear up any confusion, the team at Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons answer commonly asked questions about LASIK here. (more…)

Signs You May Be a Great Candidate for LASIK

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LASIK Candidate Reading PADr. Domenic C. Izzo, Jr., is committed to delivering safe, successful LASIK outcomes. Not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK. Because LASIK is not right for everyone, we screen potential candidates very carefully to ensure they meet the proper qualifications.

In this post, we outline some of the signs that you may be a good candidate for LASIK. (more…)

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