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Can Maintaining Good Vision Stave Off Cognitive Decline?

Vision Loss and Cognitive Decline in Older AdultsThere are many factors that influence the aging process, including diet, physical activity and other lifestyle choices. Based on the results of a new study, it appears that visual acuity can also play a part in how quickly our minds decline with age.

A research team sponsored by the National Eye Institute and the National Institute on Aging found a link between worsening vision and the loss of mental capacity in older adults. Their findings hint that preserving good vision could help stave off cognitive decline.

In this post, the team at Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons shares more details about this compelling research. Continue reading “Can Maintaining Good Vision Stave Off Cognitive Decline?”

Are You Having Trouble Driving at Night?

Tips for Safe Driving at NightWith the end of daylight savings time this month, you might find yourself driving home from work in less light. The approaching winter weather may create additional concerns about safe driving.

Navigating the roads safely can be especially difficult if you have dry eye, cataracts or other eye conditions that affect night vision, including age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons cares deeply about your safety and well-being. In this post, we want to share some tips to help you navigate the roads safely and confidently at night. Continue reading “Are You Having Trouble Driving at Night?”

Why Do Cataracts Develop?

According to Prevent Blindness America, there are more cases of cataracts than there are of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration combined. But despite how common cataracts are, there is still a lot of confusion about how they develop. Read on as the team at Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons explains what causes cataracts. Continue reading “Why Do Cataracts Develop?”

How Glaucoma Earned the Nickname “The Silent Thief of Sight”

Effects of GlaucomaGlaucoma is a group of eye diseases characterized by elevated intraocular pressure, which can damage the optic nerve that connects the eye to the brain. Although doctors know a lot about glaucoma, in many ways it is a mysterious disease. In fact, it has earned the nickname “The Silent Thief of Sight” based on the way it can cause irreversible eye damage in the absence of any symptoms. Read on as the team at Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons explains more about this puzzling disorder. Continue reading “How Glaucoma Earned the Nickname “The Silent Thief of Sight””

Swimming and Eye Safety

Eye Safety while SwimmingSummertime means spending more time swimming, whether it’s at the beach, lake or even the backyard pool. As enjoyable as swimming is, there are certain precautions to take to protect the eyes from danger. Armed with the right information, you can keep your and your family’s eyes safe from possible hazards.

Below, the team at Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons shares what you should know about swimming and eye safety. Continue reading “Swimming and Eye Safety”

World Blindness Outreach, Tanzania

In July 2017 Domenic Izzo, M.D. traveled to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania with his son Michael Izzo, M.D. and his wife Linda. They, along with the rest of their team, performed nearly 100 cataract surgeries on patients who were essentially blind before the procedure. Most of these patients traveled many miles from surrounding villages to patiently await their turn for their chance to be able to see again.

Click here to read the Temple Health Magazine article written by Michael Izzo, M.D.