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If your doctor has told you that you are in the early stages of developing cataracts or has suggested that refractive lens exchange would be a good vision correction option, you might want to research emerging lens implant technology in the field of ophthalmology.

Advanced technology IOLs in Reading, PA

Recent technological advancements dramatically improve a patient’s ability to see with lens implants after cataract surgery or even as refractive lens exchange before the development of cataracts. With the advent of Advanced Technology Multifocal/Extended Range of Vision lens implants, presbyopia can now be corrected with a broader range of sharper vision. Presbyopia affects a large portion of our aging population and often requires bifocal glasses. People in their mid-forties that have trouble with reading typically experience the first effects of presbyopia. Presbyopia is an accommodation problem with the lens of the eye. As the lens hardens and becomes inflexible with age, it becomes more difficult to focus.

Extended Range of Vison/Multifocal Toric lenses also have the capability of correcting astigmatism.

Types of Advanced Technology Lens implants

In order to determine what type of lens implant would be ideal for your best personal vision, you will need to schedule an evaluation with Berks Eye Physicians & Surgeons. Only a professional ophthalmologist can help determine which specific type of lens implant will be appropriate. Please feel free to click on one of the lens types listed above to get more information as to their unique aspects or call us at 610-372-0712 to make an appointment.

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