How Quickly Will I Recover From Lasik?

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LASIK Recovery in Reading, PA

Advanced technology has made LASIK more convenient and comfortable than ever before. Part of that convenience is the brevity of the procedure and speed at which your eyes achieve maximum clarity.

The surgical laser is in contact with the cornea for 40 seconds or less, and the entire procedure is over in about a half hour. The recovery period is also brief, and typically free of complications. Below, the experienced vision care professionals of Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons outline the phases of post-LASIK healing.

Recovery Stages

Your eyes begin healing immediately after your LASIK procedure, and you should begin seeing clearly within eight hours. Over the next few months, your vision will adjust to the new cornea shape until you achieve maximum clarity.

During the recovery period, some patients report slight fluctuations in vision, sensitivity to light, halos around lights, occasional blurring and difficulty with night driving. In addition, it is not uncommon to experience dry eyes for weeks or months. You may briefly experience a slight itching or burning sensation. Give your eyes room to heal efficiently by avoiding makeup, swimming, vigorous physical activity, contact sports and, especially, rubbing the eyes.

Make sure to keep your follow-up appointments, as it allows your ophthalmologist an opportunity to measure the changes in your vision and check for any complications. If you do feel pain as your eyes heal, this is actually an indicator that you need to return to the office so that your surgeon can check for infection or other side effects that require prompt attention.

If you would like to learn more about LASIK, we invite you to schedule a personal consultation in our Reading office with Dr. Domenic C. Izzo, Jr. at Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons today.

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