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Swimming and Eye Safety

Eye Safety while SwimmingSummertime means spending more time swimming, whether it’s at the beach, lake or even the backyard pool. As enjoyable as swimming is, there are certain precautions to take to protect the eyes from danger. Armed with the right information, you can keep your and your family’s eyes safe from possible hazards.

Below, the team at Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons shares what you should know about swimming and eye safety. Continue reading “Swimming and Eye Safety”

World Blindness Outreach, Tanzania

In July 2017 Domenic Izzo, M.D. traveled to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania with his son Michael Izzo, M.D. and his wife Linda. They, along with the rest of their team, performed nearly 100 cataract surgeries on patients who were essentially blind before the procedure. Most of these patients traveled many miles from surrounding villages to patiently await their turn for their chance to be able to see again.

Click here to read the Temple Health Magazine article written by Michael Izzo, M.D.

Having Cataract Surgery May Increase Your Life Span

New research suggests that cataract surgery may not only improve quality of life, but also extend a person’s lifespan. This discovery has the potential to affect many people, as more than half of all adults ages 80 and over have cataracts or have had cataract surgery.

Read on as the team at Berks Eye Physicians and Surgeons explains what you should know about this research. Continue reading “Having Cataract Surgery May Increase Your Life Span”

Having Trouble Seeing Up Close?

A young, healthy eye has an elastic lens that is able to flex as needed to focus on near objects. In children and young adults, light from a nearby object enters the eye, the cornea refracts the light and the lens and its supporting structures change shape to adapt for the decreased focal length of the object. To visualize this, imagine a camera focusing its lens on a close-by object. Continue reading “Having Trouble Seeing Up Close?”